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When you come to WRLDCTY, you’ll not only hear from leading city experts and network with fellow attendees, but you’ll also have the opportunity to travel the world and take in a wide range of urban experiences, ranging from musical performances to yoga and cooking classes. It won’t be quite the same as being there in person, but you’ll enjoy behind-the-scenes tours and visit more places in a few days than most people see in a lifetime.

Get your First Gong Bath with Wellbeing Guru Martha Collard


Turning to the wisdom of the past, Catalyst for Emotional Wellbeing Founder Martha Collard offers ancient practices that are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. These solutions, tried and tested over time, are effective, require minimal resources, are scalable and suitable for all age groups.

Get the Beat with Anna Bjurstam's Meditation Drumming


Wellness pioneer Anna Bjurstam provides a meditation drumming session from her hometown of Stockholm.

Party the Planet with Exclusive DJ Sets


Selina, the global hospitality group for digital nomads, takes over our experience stage live from the world’s best cities for a series of DJ sets.

Wander through West Kowloon's Art and Culture


Introducing the world’s biggest cultural district project: West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD). Find out what’s on and what’s coming soon with a behind-the-scenes look at this prime 40-hectare site on Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour. The WKCD will house treasures of the Forbidden City, world-class collections of visual culture, Chinese opera, musical extravaganzas and open-air festivals. Don’t miss this sneak peek at a visionary project that is set to change the face of the Asian arts and culture sector.

Brush Up on Tulsa's Century-Long Fight Against Racism


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s rich history, unknown to many, is filled with both triumph and tragedy. Be sure to catch the emotional story of Tulsa’s Race Massacre, culminating with its centennial commemoration in 2021, and how the city is now rising on an international stage with a thriving cultural scene. Now more than ever before, Tulsa’s story is being told and inspiring cities all over the world in the global conversation on racism.

Stop Everything with a Global Meditation Journey


In a world that never stops, where external noise rages on and internal voices are amplified, what better way to carry on than to create a space for us all to simply sit and rest in moments of stillness and silence? Across global cities, social meditation spaces beckon. Get inspired on making use of public and private spaces for practicing mindfulness and fostering good mental health. Wherever you may be watching WRLDCTY on Oct. 24, we invite you to join us for a global Big Sit, streamed from the beautiful Urban Park @ Guoco Tower.

Mix your Mind with Toronto's Genre-Bending Musicians


Experience a collaborative concert performance featuring internationally esteemed Toronto-based artists like DJ Skratch Basid, re,verse, Andrew Forde and more, against the backdrop of Toronto’s iconic city skyline.

See Graffiti as Art


Explore Toronto’s street art from the perspective of a local graffiti artist. Learn about the evolution of the art form, the lexicon, and the cultural significance found in these living canvasses.

Sharpen your Cityscape Shot


Improve your travel stories. Discover how to take the perfect cityscape shot with tips and tricks to shooting urban landscapes on your phone, with Toronto, Canada’s largest city, as the subject and the inspiration.

Seed an Uban Farm with Brooklyn Grange


Discover all there is to know about urban farming from Brooklyn Grange Co-founder Anastasia Cole Plakias. Anastasia walks you through Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest rooftop soil farmland and leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the U.S. She shares her tips on urban farming and answers any questions you may have live.

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