Second City Renaissance - WRLDCTY
Second City Renaissance
Chris Fair & Thomas Ermacor
WRLDCTY 2021: World

The pandemic caused us to reevaluate the desirability of urban vs rural places and large vs small cities. Travel with us to Florence, Italy with urban futurist Thomas Ermacora to see how a renaissance in so-called ‘second-tier’ cities may be about to unfold.

About The Speakers
Chris Fair
President, Resonance Consultancy

A futurist, facilitator and strategist, Chris holds a Masters degree in Studies of the Future and has married his tourism, economic development, real estate and marketing expertise with futures methodologies to create development strategies that shape the future of places around the world.

Thomas Ermacora
Urbanist, Technologist, Futurist and Founder, Machines Room 

Thomas Ermacora FRSA, is a Danish-Italian regeneration architect, impact entrepreneur and futures thinker, helping communities, developers and local authorities making better and happier places.

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