The Future of Cities in Asia Pacific - WRLDCTY
The Future of Cities in Asia Pacific
Greg Clark & Elizabeth Mildwater & Hwang Yu-Ning
WRLDCTY 2022: World

The idea of a World City is that it is a super-concentration of globalized activities, services, connections, and people. Consequently, these cities generally grew faster than less globally connected places, and saw significant investment and rapid development in their real estate, amenities, public spaces, and infrastructures. But even prior to the pandemic, there was already concern that World Cities were facing increasing sustainability challenges in housing supply, affordability, air quality, and inequality. The pandemic revealed the depth of some of these challenges and accelerated other imperatives for change. So, what’s next for World Cities? Will they emerge more robust and more capable, or will we see their magnetic power diluted? Urbanist Greg Clark chats with leaders in Singapore and Sydney to find out.

About The Speakers
Greg Clark
Urbanist, Author & Group Advisor, Future Cities & New Industries, HSBC Group

Prof Greg Clark CBE FAcSS is a highly experienced Advisor, Scholar, Non-Executive Director and Board Chairman. His core role as Senior Advisor on Future Cities and New Industries at HSBC Group covers future urbanisation, mobility, digital transformation, sustainable development, and impact investing.

Elizabeth Mildwater
CEO, Greater Cities Commission

Elizabeth joined the Commission as Chief Executive Officer in January 2021.Prior to her appointment, Elizabeth was the Deputy Secretary, Greater Sydney at Transport for New South Wales where she was responsible for delivering customer-centred services and infrastructure for the Sydney metropolitan area.She’d previously held the positions of Deputy Secretary of Customer Technology and Services and Deputy Secretary of People and Corporate Services at TfNSW.

Hwang Yu-Ning
Chief Planner & Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore

As Chief Planner, Yu-Ning oversees Singapore’s urban planning. She has spent more than two decades in Singapore’s public service and has served in various roles including with the Strategy Group of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of National Development.

Yu-Ning is a global governing trustee of the Urban Land Institute and a member of its Asia-Pacific executive committee. She is also a fellow of the Singapore Institute of Planners, a board member of Singapore’s Science Centre, Land Transport Authority and the Board of Management of CHIJ Schools. In addition, she is on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Singapore-ETH Centre Governing Board for the Future Cities Lab (FCL) Global Research Programme.Her academic background is in architecture, urban planning and public policy with degrees from the National University of Singapore and Harvard University.

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