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Join renowned subject matter experts for in-depth Workshops and Master Classes on some of the key issues facing cities and businesses today such as housing, urban tourism, civic identity and the future of the experience economy. Space for these additional workshops and master classes is limited — reserve your spot today.

The Future of Urban Travel

October 22
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST

Richard Cutting-Miller

Executive Vice-President, Resonance

Scott Erickson

Vice-President Marketing Strategy, Resonance

Dianna Carr

Vice-President Storytelling, Resonance

Pre-pandemic, a weekend city break or a multi-stop tour of major capitals were no brainer itineraries for travelers around the globe. As we inch towards the new normal of travel, how will the city reinvent and remerge? From consumer sentiment to overhauling experiences to the technology that makes it all possible, this session reviews current thinking on how our cities will again reign supreme.

COST: $100

The Happy Homes Masterclass:
designing social wellbeing and equity through multi-unit housing

October 22
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST
Happy Homes Construction

Paty Rios

Senior Housing Expert, Happy City

Cheri Hessami

Urbanist, Happy City

The pandemic has exacerbated a global housing crisis. Cities need new models of affordable housing that provide more than shelter. In the era of rolling quarantines and work-from-home, domestic environments also need to nurture stronger bonds of social trust and support. They need features that help people cope and connect with each other during times of social distancing. And increasingly, they need to be designed in ways that assuage opposition in densifying neighbourhoods.

Happy City’s approach to housing wellbeing has been harnessed by governments and housing providers from Canada to India. Join housing lead Paty Rios and engagement specialist Chehreh Hessami for a masterclass in design approaches for wellbeing and equity in multi-unit housing. You’ll come away with:

  • Evidence linking building design and programming to health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Stories of success from around the world.
  • Pragmatic strategies for addressing pandemic risks while meeting long-term challenges facing residents of dense housing.
  • Tactical solutions for boosting wellbeing outcomes in existing buildings.
  • Inclusive engagement strategies to ensure residents’ unique aspirations and needs are met.
COST: $100

Happy City is committed to reducing barriers to participation. Along with WRLDCTY Festival, we offer a scholarship for Masterclass participants experiencing financial need. To receive a scholarship to attend this event at no cost please contact with subject line “Masterclass Scholarship” before Oct. 19 and we will register you.

Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money

October 23
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. EST

Joe Pine

Co-Founder, Strategic Horizons LLP

In today's Experience Economy you compete against every other company in the world for the time, attention, and money of individual customers. You face a stark choice, then: to shift up to stage experiences for your customers in order to capture their time, garner their attention, and earn their money—or be commoditized. In this interactive workshop, B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy, shows you why this is so and shares how to go about staging experiences that are robust, cohesive, personal, dramatic, and even transformative.

COST: $100

Unlocking the DNA of Your City

October 22
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

Greg Clark

Global Head, Future Cities & New industries, HSBC Group

Every city is unique. Shaped by forces from multiple sources, cities can optimize or squander their accumulated DNA. How can any city know what its endowed, inherited, and acquired genetic code is? How can it use that knowledge to plan, strategize, communicate, and build relationships and connections. This workshop reveals the path to find the genetic code of any city. With worked examples from cities that have fathomed their own DNA, the workshop explores how to use this knowledge to advance the city, its people, its identity and sense of belonging. Be prepared for preparatory work, and some advanced reading. And be ready to use what you discover.

COST: $100
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