WRLDCTY is a first-of-a-kind event that brings together a global community of urban thinkers, city-builders, urban enthusiasts and more for a round-the-clock celebration of big cities.

It’s an opportunity to come together like never before and forge the future we want for our industries, cities and communities—exploring all facets of urban life, stewardship and creativity through the lens of culture, design, economy, inclusivity, sustainability and well-being.

A Look Back at WRLDCTY 2020

WRLDCTY 2020 was a first in every way—urbanites from around the world gathered virtually for the world’s premier festival celebrating the people, places and ideas that make cities economic and experiential powerhouses.

A global audience of decision makers and thought-leaders

Over 100 panels, 30 virtual experiences as well as 300 speakers and performers were attended by thousand’s of curious globe trotters—on an interactive and immersive virtual platform.

Welcoming the world

Participation by 90 countries.

Welcoming city-shapers

From mayors to real estate developers to urban planners and brands.

City Administration, DMO, EDA
Professional Services
Architecture & Urban Design
Real Estate
Other Brands
Welcoming decision-makers

Over 50% of attendees were C-suite and over 75% were Directors (or above).

The cities that shape the world

Officials, planning teams and representatives of cities across the world were welcome to join this event—from Barcelona to Dubai, Santiago to Tokyo.

The brands that elevate every aspect of life

The event was also attended by some of the most popular brands across the globe, from lifestyle to technology, finance to hospitality.

Curated content from the world’s leading cities

The event was co-curated by the world’s best cities.

“The execution was flawless, and the excitement here in Toronto from our partners (especially the DJ) was very positive”

Scott Beck
President & CEO of Destination Toronto

“WRLDCTY is so intriguing and somehow sparks the spirit to proceed as a worldwide community in these strange times.”

Tita Larasati
Chairman of Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF), Deputy of Strategic Partnership of Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN)

“I must say you have really put something substantial together with your programme– so many interesting topics. So congratulations!”

Charles Landry
Author of The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators