New Summits launch in 2023 as a year-round community-centric, urban innovator talent development program.

We bring established experts together with emerging leaders to explore audacious ideas and critical themes facing cities today. Summits are delivered live, online with interactive content and are led by WRLDCTY Fellows: a curated group of best-in-class past speakers and partners.

Upcoming WRLDCTY Summit

01: The Innovative City
February 15, 2023

Charting the future of our cities requires great creativity, collaboration at intense levels, and a willingness to experiment in our urban environments.

Join leading urban futurists, technologists, and designers to explore the themes and challenges that are making our cities ripe for a new era of urban innovation.

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02: The Destination City
April 2023

What are the shifting forces and refreshed key ingredients that are redefining what it means to be a Destination City as we look towards 2025?

Join leading destination strategists, placemakers, designers, and developers to explore the commonalities and key differentiators that define key destination cities from around the world.

03: The Livable City
June 2023

Cities are launch pads for human potential. How does yours ladder up?

Affordability, quality of jobs, equity, inclusivity, accessibility, economic opportunities... what are the quintessential ingredients that make our cities places that flourish?

Dive into the principles and projects that are making cities more welcoming, livable places where everyone thrives.

WRLDCTY: Global Forum for Urban Innovation
October 2-4, 2023

Everything culminates in the annual WRLDCTY Global Forum for Urban Innovation at the Times Center in New York City October 2-4, 2023.

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