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The WRLDCTY Podcast: Connecting You to our Urban Revolution

The WRLDCTY Podcast lets listeners in on vital conversations with the people working on the front lines of our cities with the urgency necessary to find solutions for a planet urbanizing at a frenzied pace as humanity hurtles towards 10 billion people living in more than 10,000 large-scale cities by the end of the century.

Every episode features an urban innovator and their mission to make our fast-growing cities be as self-sustaining, equitable, inclusive and prosperous as possible, with plenty of takeaways to help empower your own urban innovation.

As such, the WRLDCTY podcast is the only one that bridges the gap between urban design, real estate, tourism and technology to help shape the cities of tomorrow—for the better.

Welcome to the WRLDCTY Podcast, your home for vital conversations and the best ideas about cities from the best city builders in the world.
Host and President & CEO of Resonance Chris Fair discusses what to look forward to twice a month.
C40's Hélène Chartier shares inspirations for and lessons from urban climate adaptation.
The climate crisis is the single biggest issue facing not only our cities, but habitats and communities of every size in every corner of the world. Hélène Chartier leads C40's team and programs that help cities to accelerate sustainable and resilient urban planning.
Charles Landry, author, urbanist and global advisor, reveals the surprising benefits (and endemic challenges) of urban bureaucracy.
Charles Landry is an author, speaker and international adviser on the future of cities best known for popularizing the Creative City concept. His book The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators became a movement to rethink the planning, development and management of cities.

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