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TUE, OCT. 26
Visions of a Post-Pandemic City
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

In the wake of the pandemic, its lesson has been to demonstrate that any ‘new normal’ must emphasize a new way of understanding our communities—new considerations of urban space, of needs, of opportunities. Join the architect of the Domino Sugar Factory, Sunnyside and other NYC innovations in a conversation about the possible.

The Art of City Making Now
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

What has the pandemic changed for the creative class, those catalysts of city-building? What characterizes the urban centres that are calling to them now, and how can cities respond to attract them? Join the conversation between two of the world’s leading creative city experts will endeavor to find out.

The Next Urban Agenda
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

The pandemic has upended career priorities and made us reconsider where we live. Fascinating new data is showing surprising choices in regional migrations, and revealing where people want to spend their work lives. Join three leaders and make sense of the numbers we’ll live by in the future.

Designing the New New York
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

During the lockdowns, we took space from cars and used it as gathering places for people. We put up Plexiglas-glass barriers and spread out tables in restaurants. We used our kitchens as offices and classrooms. Will the way we design our homes, offices, restaurants and streets just go back to the way things were before? Or will we see some permanent changes in the way we design, share and utilize spaces in the city? This panel of leading designers will endeavour to find out.

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Future of the Office
world stage

Over the last 18 months, public and private sector employers have moved to a hybrid model of work. The legwork to make this happen is done. Will we continue to build on those investments, or revert back to old ways of operating and what are the potential implications for our city centers? Join this panel of leading experts to find out.

Public Art for the 21st Century
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

BREAKFAST turns mechanical engineering and playful, emotional aesthetics into gallery-worthy kinetic and interactive installations. From real-time climate change to directional signage to engaging reflections of passers-by, their work points the way forward to new thinking about public art.

Power to the Public
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

Hear the Obama-administration officials discuss the revolution that is public-interest technology—a user-centered approach in design and data that makes the delivery of government services more effective and efficient in the digital age. Problem-solving transformed; inspiration guaranteed!

How Urban Planning and Design Influences Urban Culture
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

Where do social justice and environmental sustainability intersect? In urban planning, to start with. Daily life in our segregated cities perpetuates an “us vs them” culture today. Find out how urban planning and design can be a starting point for equitable cities that support the ecosystems around them.

Curating Culture Post Covid
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

Discover the most impactful and important stories of architectural culture today with a focus on actionable ideas that address the biggest issue of our time: climate change, and with a mission to make architectural knowledge accessible to a global audience.

Clean Transport on a Roll
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

With an Executive Order in place that sets an ambitious new target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emission, and the micro-mobility market surging post-Covid 19, join us to learn how we’ll move around New York next, make clean transportation accessible to all, and explore how mass transit, biking, and car travel might co-exist in a pedestrian-friendly city.”

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Courage to Change
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

Beyond 2020: We are at the forefront of a decade of change in housing. It will be all-encompassing, and more than just a “housing fight.” Cities, how we live, and how cities will grow in the future – this has all changed during the pandemic. What happens when a tech revolution collides with a pandemic?

May The Force Be With You
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

The Green City Force, made up of young adults from frontline communities, may be NYC’s best hope to build a green city rooted in social, economic and environmental justice. Hear how they’re transforming their own lives, leading community transition, and promoting a regenerative, inclusive economy.

Designing to Reshape Public Space
new york stage (IN-PERSON)

The global pandemic has underscored the vital role that urban public space plays in sustaining individual wellness, building and maintaining community, and even upholding democracy. Through an exploration of Studio Gang’s work, Founding Partner Jeanne Gang will explore how design across various scales can foster the kind of equitable and inclusive public spaces that enrich the liveability of our cities.

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles
world stage

Improving road safety: 1.35 million people die from vehicle crashes each year; 94% of US crashes are due to human error. Meet the road forward with leaders of Waymo, the autonomous vehicle division of Alphabet, which is operating the world’s first and only fully autonomous commercial ride-hail service available on the road today; and is also testing AV trucking; and Aurora, staffed by driving geeks with all-star cred and ideas.

A New View on Smart Cities
singapore stage

For years, Anderson says, many Smart Cities failed to live up to their hype. But the pandemic unexpectedly turbocharged results, kickstarting initiatives and innovation. What changed? Join Charles Anderson in conversation with Jack FitzGerald, Director for Smart Cities and Real Estate Tech at Hitachi, to understand the evolution of the ecosystem that have made him (almost) a believer in the promise of the Smart City.

Placemaking Forever
world stage

Placemaking went from a nice-to-have to a lifesaver for businesses and urbanites, reinventing public space from sidewalk patios to parks and green spaces. Join to discuss how newfound awareness can lead to permanent change, how placemaking can attract visitors but not overtourism and much more.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Designing the Loveable City
singapore stage

Can a city be designed to be both innovative and loveable? Join Mark Wee in conversation with Duleesha Kulasooriya as they explore the evolution, intersection and edges of places and people that create a quality of life, and the new technology and new metrics that can measure the economics of it all.

Planning for Uncertainty
world stage

As cities continue to navigate a world of uncertainty, how can urban planners, designers, developers and decision-makers best shape cities to serve their respective communities? Join Laura Crescimano, Principal and co-founder of SITELAB urban studio, and Allison Arieff, Director of Communications for urban technology platform Replica, in a discussion about the future of placemaking, and how approaching it from a place of collaboration and co-creation, as well as incorporating ecology, can influence a city’s overall well-being and ability to withstand times like these.

Placemaking’s True Value
singapore stage

What’s placemaking really worth? Many developers consider that non-revenue-driving initiatives have community engagement value, particularly in the early stages of community building. Jack Backen digs into the data to measure and put numbers to placemaking efforts using examples from Singapore and other global cities.

Humanizing Proptech
singapore stage

Proptech (Property Technology) is disrupting real estate. Join our innovation experts to explore how proptech can not only solve operational issues and reduce costs, but more importantly, help to humanize and simplify the experience of built environments, engage organizations, and efficiently manage the hybrid and digital workplaces of the future.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Placemaking Between History and Future
singapore stage

Strategist, marketer and placemaker, Michelle manages the intersection between historic character and future feasibility on a historic waterway transformed from working quays to key entertainment district. Join her and Asian Civilisations Museum Director, Kennie Ting as they explore the role of cultural precincts and the opportunities to bring the storied Singapore River to center stage in the city.

Whither the University
singapore stage

Almost all universities are largely located within a physical, and to a smaller degree digital, space. It is a place one goes to, for a certain period of time. Why should this be? Universities are expensive, take up huge acres of land, touch individuals for very short periods of their lives, and are constantly under siege for being ivory towers and generating graduates who are unable to ‘plug and play’. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased the tolerance for a messier learning endeavour where responsibility lies more in the hands of the individual. In 20 years’ time, we might see the physical footprint of NUS reduced, and a distributed network of learning and research pods emerge where one plugs in to learn and apply what one learns out there. Education should be boundless and boundaryless. Can universities lead the way?

SPEAKER(S): , , &
WED, OCT. 27
A New World of Food
singapore stage

As populations grow and resources shrink, Dr. Sandhya Sriram is literally reinventing food, creating next-gen nourishment by making seafood from crustacean stem cells in Singapore. Join the Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst to taste the future and understand how cultivated meat and cellular agriculture are the new ingredients of global sustenance.

singapore stage

Cities become smart when they can thoughtfully harness data on buildings, traffic, infrastructure, eGovernment, and across an innumerable range of citizen transactions. Yet, incidents such those involving Sidewalks Labs, Whatsapp, or the Social Credit System surface increasing concerns over cybersecurity, digital identities, and data trust. The future of smart cities will see trust among citizens, governments, and businesses take center stage. This panel will discuss the roles that standards, policy, and performance can play to accelerate trust and build social capital in cites.

Sangha In The City
singapore stage

As cities strive to sustain community engagement in a post-pandemic world, a year of collective sitting in the urban spaces of Singapore has offered refreshing perspectives to socializing. Join The Big Sit initiators Anupam Yog and Erin Lee in exploring the role of the urban sangha – a group of people practicing a mindful way of life together in the city – in impacting the social health and wellbeing of urban communities.

Is MaaS a Must?
singapore stage

As cities globally explore new and innovative ways to achieve safer, more integrated, convenient, sustainable, and affordable mobility systems, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) has emerged as a potential solution to transportation woes. City governments, transport solution providers, and urban planners alike have all explored how MaaS could be implemented, some with great success, and others with room for improvement. We explore how MaaS has taken on a different form in Asian cities with distinct modalities and travel patterns, if it has taken off at all.

Singapore’s Living Ambition
singapore stage

Cheong Koon Hean played a key role in developing Singapore into a distinctive global city and housing some 80% of the resident population in 1.1 million public housing flats, thus achieving one of the highest homeownership rates in the world. Here, Singapore’s celebrated urban planner explores the ambitious city of Tengah, a 42,000-home, 700-hectare “forest town”, a new generation public housing town that will combine design, greenery, walkability and technology to slash carbon emissions in an ever-warming city-state.

Flourish: Design Paradigms for our Planetary Emergency
singapore stage

What will it take to restore balance to our world? How can we repair our devastated environments, and secure future generations’ survival? And what’s the key to unlock the mindset shift to enable truly regenerative transformation? A new book, Flourish, reaches beyond ‘sustainability’ to explore ‘regenerative’ practice, what it really means, and how we can get there together. Whether you’re a built environment professional or client, an activist or a policymaker, Flourish offers you an urgent invitation to inhabit a new array of possibilities. Join co-author Sarah Ichioka in conversation with Adib Jalal about how we can build a thriving future, together.

The Future of Retail: Spaces with Integrity
london stage

Simultaneous to the fast-paced evolution of spatial design—which becomes evermore intermeshed with technology, and informed by human movement—a massive change in retail is upon us and Accept & Proceed feel duty-bound to a future scope, asking, what are the opportunities in this shift? What role will retail space play in the future? How can we create spaces with integrity that truly support the communities they serve? And what’s the pay-off if we do?

The Future of Living
world stage

The pandemic forced office shutdowns and employees had to create new work environments. How will work from home change our floor plans? Is there a future for micro-apartments? How do we balance mental health in a more fluid work/life environment?

The New Geography of Cities
london stage

NLA brings together urban thinkers and place shapers for a discussion about how cities are changing as a result of the pandemic. NLA has long documented and illustrated London’s evolution as a polycentric city – a “city of villages” where many areas exhibit the characteristics of Carlos Moreno’s ville de quart d’heure. This make-up of London has been highlighted during the global pandemic, with Londoners spending more time at home, and many rediscovering their local neighbourhoods, parks and facilities. Yet at the same time, this has also placed great strain on London’s Central Activity Zone (CAZ). The way citizens interact with their local town and community, as well as their relationship to the central business district, has fundamentally shifted. So how are cities responding? How might we experience the city in the future? Is London’s polycentrity the key to its resilience and future success?

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Activate the Empty
world stage

Let’s bring back the high street, reinvigorate the mixing and mingling, the people and goods, the events and gatherings. The pandemic has devastated prime retail real estate in the world’s smaller cities; learn how to promote creative, community-focused initiatives to bring our streets back to life.

The Future of Central Business Districts
london stage

The CBD is dead. Long live the CBD! New hybrid work habits will change the planning of city centres, their transit infrastructure, retail and design. Come rethink the CBD and discover how we can imagine and plan city centres and their economies when only half as many people come to work downtown.

Augmenting Urban Reality
world stage

AR and VR technology is blowing our minds, creating opportunities for physical and virtual placemaking that transforms our connections to every environment. Join us to explore invisible worlds and find cosmic kinship between black holes, dying stars and our very existence.

Train to the Future
london stage

Mass transit caught Covid, and it’s a long-hauler. Long the key to prosperity and upward mobility in cities, transit and its city operators are struggling to coax back clients and cover costs. What’s it going to take? An expert panel talks about how transit can shift gears and move forward.

Inclusive Urbanity
world stage

Urban diversity is an underleveraged source of creativity and innovation. In this session, we’ll show how cultural inclusion can be fostered through education, placemaking, art, media, and intercultural governance and citizenship.

David & Goliath: How does physical retail survive in an Amazon world?
london stage

Retail experience is evolving at the speed of entertainment, with variety and novelty in form and content the key. Pop-ups, flexible and fun, are king: a food hall becomes a fan park becomes a fashion runway. Digital experiences open new worlds. Is physical retail dead? How does it survive in an Amazon world?

Berlin: The Green Lab of Affordability
world stage

Berlin has long been a lab of architectural design. Now the city is experimenting to make its housing zukunftsfähig—both future-oriented and sustainable. Explore Berlin’s affordable, sustainable housing works, including the 29-story Woho skyscraper, which will be Europe’s tallest wooden building.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Wild Cities
london stage

Wilding has become a catchall for everything from improving access to nature to reintroducing wildlife. Hear about the challenges of designing for non-human neighbors in cities and how getting people to become a little ‘wild’ themselves can help cities become happier and healthier.

Hyperlocal Well-being
world stage

Healthier urban environments can start small—with hyperlocal planning and pedestrian-friendly streets. Dan Hill, director of Sweden’s innovation agency, tells us how designers and planners can create built environments that enrich the well-being of citizens in a post-pandemic world.

Making sure cities come back stronger than ever in the post-pandemic era
toronto stage

Cities have been on the frontlines of responding to the pandemic. From pop-ups, to café-lined streets, greenspaces and art installations, cities have innovated to help businesses keep afloat and keep citizens safe. Hear from Toronto Mayor John Tory about what’s on the horizon as we move towards reopening and how Canada’s urban centre is positioned to come back stronger than ever.

world stage

The pandemic has had a profound impact on global cities whose reactivation depends to a large extent in the so-called “Visitor economy”. To increase their competitiveness, cities are adapting and redesigning their international positioning strategies, incorporating new attributes to project sustainability, the use of public space, safety, and preparedness as a response to the new social demands. In the near future, those assets will determine cities’ attractiveness as urban destinations to visit, study and work.

Steering Toward an AI Movement Future
toronto stage

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has boundless potential to improve our ways of living and working – but nowhere more than in the ways we move. From self-driving cars to traffic system management, A.I. can present solutions to some of our urban centers most pressing issues: congestion, vehicle pollution, road accidents and more. By creating environments for A.I.-empowered movement to flourish, our global cities can develop ways to get from place to place in smarter, faster and more coordinated ways.

Defining New Mobility Modes with the Community
world stage

For over 100 years, Detroit has been at the forefront of global automotive mobility. However, city residents have often faced challenges navigating their own city without a car. As the world moves into a new age of mobility, Detroit is again striving to define the future. Learn more about how the State of Michigan, Ford Motor Company and Cavnue are working to develop Detroit’s Michigan Avenue and the Corktown neighborhood as a testbed for connected and autonomous vehicles – in a way that actually engages the community.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Innovate or Die: How the urban culinary scene can thrive in a post-pandemic world
toronto stage

Fueled by an industry-wide call for change – and an unprecedented global pandemic, the culinary scene is riding a wave of new ideas and business ventures to not just keep their businesses afloat, but their communities well-fed. Hear from two of Toronto’s top restaurateurs about how their businesses – and their communities – managed to grow in a city with one of the longest lockdowns in North America, and what that means for the future of urban dining.

The City As a Canvas
world stage

Street art is increasingly the face of cities around the world, a premier interface for visitors, a source of civic pride for locals, and a living lab for artists. Join social justice leaders and artists to discuss the impact of immersive environments on how people consume art today.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Cultivating Creativity from Crisis
toronto stage

History shows us that creativity frequently emerges from crisis in extraordinary ways. The impacts of COVID have been especially difficult for artists and creatives. Their incomes and livelihoods have been threatened and the conditions in which they pursue their vocation has been strained. Yet we know that resilience and culture are intrinsically linked. This session will ask provocative questions about how the cultural sector can recover, and what a global crisis has taught us about the fragility and the viability of art and creativity in our cities.

Building Cultural Identity in Greenfield Cities
world stage

The panel will explore ‘new’ cities that are being planned and underway across the globe, with promises of economic zones, innovation hubs, healthcare amenities, and improved quality of life. But how are they breaking from the blueprint, avoiding sterile, soulless development? How are greenfield developments building culture into their design?

What esports Teaches Us about the Future of Entertainment
toronto stage

The rapid rise of esports from small screens to live stadiums and global broadcasts shows how a new generation of fans wants to experience sports and entertainment. This discussion with Chris Overholt, President and CEO of OverActive Media, will go deep into the fusion of sports, media and entertainment, transferring digital experiences to engaging live events, and reaching a new generation of fans.

The Eventful City
world stage

What’s the future of large urban festival, entertainment and conferences – and the facilities they’re held in? Calgary, Alberta’s Stampede was Canada’s first major festival hosted this summer, and construction is underway on a major new entertainment district. What are they learning that can help your city?

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Future of Canadian Cities
toronto stage

Canadian cities are under constant construction and reinvention. Which brings us to question: What is a Canadian city and in retrospect what is the future of Canadian cities? Join our discussion as we look to the future and begin to dissect what a true Canadian city is, what makes it different from other international cities and how can we create more “Canadian-like” cities around the world.

People, Place, Potential: The Art of Inclusive Placemaking
world stage

As we recover from a global pandemic and anticipate future potential shocks, what is the role of creating places that build inclusion, equity, creativity, economic opportunity, and cultural and environmental resilience? Hear from four practitioners working in a variety of contexts to strengthen the quality of places that work for everyone.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
hong kong stage

Redefining Hong Kong I&T scene, in 20 years! See why Hong Kong Science Park could harness the innate spirit of natural ingenuity that lives inside Hong Kong, its people, and innovators to drive innovation. Innovation starts here in the city, to the Greater Bay Area, and the whole world.*The video is provided by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks

From City Airport to Airport City
hong kong stage

Hong Kong’s mammoth “Airport City” project is taking shape with a view to securing the city’s position as an international aviation hub… a Double Gateway to the world and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Redefining the travel-business-lifestyle relationship in the 21st century, the Airport City vision aims to take technology, sustainability, economic activities and city living to the next level.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
AI: Genius at Work
world stage

It’s a new age of emerging technology – how will we adapt to the future of work? What are the opportunities and gaps of bringing AI into the workforce? Can we identify areas of leveraging this technology to attract and retain a new generation of talent?

Urban Innovation in Hong Kong: Smart City and Beyond
hong kong stage

From the world’s largest arts and cultural development to a world-class harbourfront experience and people-centric smart city, Hong Kong’s urban landscape is being transformed like never before. This panel gathers leading policy- and place-makers, architects and innovators to discuss the future of smart city living from different perspectives.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
The Next Best Cities
world stage

Climate change is bringing about a new age of mass migration that will scatter both the dispossessed and the well-off. Which places will people abandon and where will they resettle? Resonance President and Best Cities Founder Chris Fair speaks with Future Map Founder and MOVE author Parag Khanna to find out.

hong kong stage

Feel the energy and business vibrancy of Hong Kong start-ups. Meet Benjamin Quinlan, Rhaime Kim and Daniel Wong who get their visions and dreams off the ground with just a little push.

hong kong stage

With a world in need of new instruments to navigate extraordinary uncertainties, now is the time to innovate. Cyberport in Hong Kong is the springboard to success for innovators who harbour inspired ideas and the conviction to make a change. See how different support schemes helped a community of talented entrepreneurs to open up the arena for innovation, and pave a path from dream to success and from Hong Kong to the world.

City Innovation in the Time of a Pandemic
world stage

Crises are the mother of invention, and the pandemic has been a catalyst for innovative changes in mobility, information management, and urban planning. How can cities maintain an innovative mindset to deal with other urban crises and make lasting change for good.

hong kong stage

Sneak peek at M+… find out why Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture, opening at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District on November 12, is so remarkable. Museum Director, Suhanya Raffel guides you on an architectural tour of the world’s newest museum sensation.

Hong Kong’s Nighttime Safaris
hong kong stage

Go off the beaten track on some adrenaline-pumping tours to experience the lesser-known side of Hong Kong: scrambling up a steep hillside to see a stunning night view of Hong Kong, scuba diving after sunset to explore an entirely different underwater world, nocturnal bird-watching and even snake-hunting – all brought to you by Hong Kong’s night safari experts Roland Sharman, Alex Croney and William Sargent.

Diversity and Connectivity: What You Need to Know about Greater Bay Area
hong kong stage

Get a fresh perspective on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) to find out why the growth potential in this emerging economic region is too good to miss. Angel investor Karena Belin provides her take on the opportunities ahead.

THU, OCT. 28
Bring Back The Night
world stage

Let’s dance! 2020, the year the party died, is giving way to a future of fresh perspectives on nightlife and the party economy. Bar owners, musicians, performing artists and their political allies are working to pump energy and money into ideas and spaces that will reinvent life in the night.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Provence is welcoming disruptors to shape ecological and sustainable Mediterranean cities
world stage

Marseille, 2nd city in France, and its 2 million inhabitants metro area, is concentrating the challenges of a coastal and port city. Cosmopolitan, open to the world, with a long-time tradition of trade, the city has launched an international call for disruptors to experiment new ideas.With the support of large corporate groups, like Citegestion, the Smart City digital platform of EDF group in France, or Euroméditerranée, the largest urban renovation program in a city center in Europe, this initiative aims to attract talents, built the ecocities our future needs and welcome them in an environment where work-life balance is well preserved.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Intangible Heritage
dubai stage

In this investigation of cultural initiatives in growing communities, H.E. Hala bint Mohammed Al Khalifa unpacks cultural institutions’ responsibility for urban planning and creating cultural hubs. Highlighting the overlap between her governmental role and artistic practice, H.E. will reflect on Bahrain’s initiatives in utilising cultural and heritage preservation in creating a sustainable city.

Second City Renaissance
world stage

The pandemic caused us to reevaluate the desirability of urban vs rural places and large vs small cities. Travel with us to Florence, Italy with urban futurist Thomas Ermacora to see how a renaissance in so-called ‘second-tier’ cities may be about to unfold.

Open Streets: Culture + The City
dubai stage

Stories of urban renewal and heritage re-discovery rub shoulders in this panel devoted to discussing culture’s potency to transform. Is culture the right tool to enhance the urban fabric or re-ignite forgotten heritage sites? Or is it unfairly instrumentalised, perhaps creating exclusion over inclusion?This panel unites some some of the most influential thinkers and drivers behind a handful of deeply impactful regional and international projects.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Hack The City
world stage

Can we crowdsource the ideal city? New platforms exist to help cities capture the potential of participatory design, enhancing opportunities to implement the creative ideas of the community and ensure buy-in. We have the power to shape our cities to the needs and wants of their citizens.

Rethinking Place
dubai stage

METASITU reflects on their durational project The Degrowth Institute (2015- present), where, through a series of horizontal workshops, they brew urban and master planning strategies for degrowth in post-industrial shrinking cities. The Degrowth Institute challenges the notion of using “growth markers” to determine the success of a city, and instead suggests other vectors such as conscious ruinification, preservation, and rewilding. The presentation will be followed by a conversation with Sabih Ahmed, director of Ishara Art Foundation.

Designing for Justice
world stage

Historically, cities lift some citizens up and keep others from rising. Join planners, designers and activists to create more just cities and more just societies. We’ll explore how a truly participatory design process and outcome help create safer, healthier, more productive cities for everyone.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Public Spaces: Safety, Accessibility, Sustainability
world stage

From artwork to research, to policy, what are the tools at our disposal to broaden our understanding of public safety and address new challenges sparked by the pandemic, as well as entrenched systemic inequities – to develop a new shared social contract for public spaces.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Houston: The Diverse City
houston stage

Sylvester Turner, mayor of Houston welcomes the world to the most diverse city in America. Houston strategically uses what they’ve learned to make the city stronger and better. They hope to share their collective lessons and successes with the global community. “That’s how we do it in Houston” – Mayor Turner.

Level the Play Field
world stage

Why should boys have all the fun? Skate parks, BMX tracks, football pitches and MUGAs—the classic play spaces for teens—are used almost exclusively by boys. Girls aren’t asked, and if they don’t play, it affects how active and healthy they are as adults and their sense of belonging in public spaces.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Leading the Energy Transition
houston stage

Houston, a leader in the study of renewable energy? Yes, and we’ve put the pedal to the metal. Join the city’s energy leaders—from bp to NRG Energy—for a discussion on emerging initiatives and solutions, and the environmental and economic impacts, benefits and barriers to the renewable future.

SPEAKER(S): , , , &
The Show Must Go On
world stage

Broadway is back, but what is it, exactly? Come discover how theatre directors envision the future of theater; how actors have adapted to cancellations and performing for 25% capacity crowds; and how audiences can best support post-pandemic performances and the people who bring them to life.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
​​From the Ground Up: Building a Home Away From Home
houston stage

Cities are constantly growing and evolving. Space’s final frontier may be civilization on the moon. William Harris leads a conversation with NASA’s Dr. Sharmi Atkins, Brett Willman and Michelle Rucker as they discuss the future possibilities of building a home away from home.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
The Artful City
world stage

Artists make manifest the soul of a city, expressing ideas and emotions that connect beyond words. Hear how cities can elevate the voices and visions of artists, keep artistic talent in cities, support all kinds of talent and encourage the expressions of inclusion and social justice.

Soul of the City
houston stage

Inclusive young business owners are transforming Houston’s vibrant food scene. The Owners & Chefs share signature dishes while discussing risk-taking in their recipes. Together they define and reinforce culture in Houston. The Future of Food is diverse.

Placemaking, Belonging & Wellbeing
world stage

The way we think about the notion of “Health” has shifted, yet what does that mean when we think about Care in the context of a ‘future city’. How do we evolve communities to serve our needs, and what role does society play as we transform our new reality around health and wellbeing?

SPEAKER(S): , , &
Green is Good
vancouver stage

In 2010, Vancouver set a goal to become the world’s greenest city by 2020. A decade later, Vancouver learned how green goals were both good for the planet and for urban economies. Find out what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what’s next for the city leading the way to a sustainable future.

Cities For Children
world stage

Kids need many skills to navigate a world in crisis. Cities can help them better collaborate, communicate, think critically, solve problems and be creative. Explore Billund, Denmark, the Capital of Children, and Boulder, Colorado, to learn how child-friendly communities make everyone future-ready.

Vibrant by Day & Night
vancouver stage

The best Entertainment Districts are built around streets that draw people in just as they radiate the unique character of their cities. They thrive after dark, but these streets are also becoming a 24/7 heartbeat of the city. We’ll explore perspectives on the history and future of Vancouver’s Granville Street.

SPEAKER(S): , , &
A Parametric Process for Place(b)aking
world stage

Parametric modeling is like baking, in that it is imperative that we get the ingredients (data) and recipe (logic) correct. Data and parametric modeling allow for the efficient and effective use of the vast amounts of data being collected across sectors and agencies. Join this session to see an example of the recipes we have created for projects spanning both disciplines and scales, including housing master plans, transit plans, TOD, architecture and 15-minute cities.

How to be a JEDI City
vancouver stage

The pandemic exposed the divisions and disparities within our cities and societies as never before. As we rebuild and rethink the meaning of space and place, how do we bridge these divides to create a city that is Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive (JEDI)? Explore answers with our experts.

Keys to the Future City
vancouver stage

The pandemic opened our eyes to the shortcomings and possibilities of cities. Going forward, city planning can address pre-existing conditions to better city living by considering not only housing and mobility but also the needs of urban families, which can make downtowns more enjoyable for all.


More sessions coming soon!

Vishaan Chakrabarti

Architect and Author

Vishaan Chakrabarti is an architect and author. He is the founder of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism. In 2018 he was named a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Chakrabarti served under Mayor Bloomberg as the director of planning for Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11.

Jeanne Gang

Founder, Studio Gang

Jeanne Gang is an American architect and the founder and leader of Studio Gang, an architecture and urban design practice with offices in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Gang was first widely recognized for the Aqua Tower, the second tallest woman-designed building in the world.

Andrew Carter

Chief Executive, Centre for Cities

Andrew Carter is the Chief Executive of Centre for Cities. Before that, he was the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Research. Andrew has over 20 years of experience working on urban economic policy issues for public and private development agencies, consultants and research institutes.

Michelle Peacock

Global Head of Public Policy, Waymo

Michelle Mallory Peacock is Global Head of Public Policy for Waymo. Her career has centred on growing government relations programs for large, small, established and startup companies in financial services, high tech and transportation.

Parag Khanna

Author & Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap

Parag Khanna is a leading global strategy advisor, world traveler, and best-selling author. He is Founder & Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data and scenario based strategic advisory firm. Parag’s newest book is MOVE: The Forces Uprooting Us (2021).

Brent Toderian

City Planner, TODERIAN UrbanWORKS

Brent Toderian is an internationally respected practitioner and thought leader with over 28 years of experience in advanced urbanism, city planning, urban design, transportation and change management. He has advised and collaborated with cities, agencies, and best-practice developers around the world.

Chris Fair

President, Resonance Consultancy

A futurist, facilitator and strategist, Chris holds a Masters degree in Studies of the Future and has married his tourism, economic development, real estate and marketing expertise with futures methodologies to create development strategies that shape the future of places around the world.

Micah Kotch

Managing Director, URBAN-X

Micha Kotch serves as Managing Director of URBAN-X by MINI and Urban Us. URBAN-X is the accelerator for startups reimagining city life. Before joining URBAN-X, Micah served as Director of NY Prize and Strategic Advisor for Innovation at NYSERDA.

Cyra Levenson

Deputy Director and Gail Engelberg Director of Education and Public Engagement, Guggenheim

As head of the Guggenheim’s Education and Public Engagement Department, Cyra Levenson leads the museum’s efforts to reach a broad audience through programming, content development, partnerships and community engagement. Levenson has a role in partnering across the foundation’s international network.

Richard Florida

Urbanist, Professor, and Author

Richard Florida is a researcher, professor and a Distinguished Fellow at NYU’s Schack School of Real Estate. He is an author of several global bestsellers, including the award-winning The Rise of the Creative Class and The New Urban Crisis. He is an entrepreneur, as founder of the Creative Class Group which works closely with companies and governments worldwide.

Sam Chandan

Silverstein Chair & Academic Dean

Sam Chandan, Ph.D. is the Larry & Klara Silverstein Chair at the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate. Prior to NYU, he was the Laurence and Susan Hirsch Adjunct Associate Professor at the Wharton School and a doctoral scholar at the Princeton University Department of Economics.

Charles Landry

Urbanist & Author

Charles Landry is an author, speaker and international adviser on the future of cities best known for popularising the Creative City concept. His book The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators became a movement to rethink the planning, development and management of cities.

Roger Wade

Founder & CEO, BOXPARK

Roger Wade is the Founder and CEO of BOXPARK, London’s award-winning food and retail revolution. BOXPARK includes the World’s 1st Pop-Up Mall, BOXPARK Shoreditch, BOXPARK Croydon, their 1st Food and Drink only development, and BOXPARK Wembley, a FanPark for Wembley Stadium, featuring 20+ street food outlets, 3 bars and over 300+ events a year.

Thomas Ermacora

Urbanist, Technologist, Futurist and Founder, Machines Room 

Thomas Ermacora FRSA, is a Danish-Italian regeneration architect, impact entrepreneur and futures thinker, helping communities, developers and local authorities making better and happier places.

Julian Agyeman

Author & Professor, Tufts University

Julian Agyeman Ph.D. FRSA FRGS is a Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. He is the author or editor of 12 books, including Just Sustainabilities: Development in an Unequal World, Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability, and Sharing Cities: A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities.

Michelle Koh

Executive Director, Singapore River One

Michelle is the Executive Director of Singapore River One Ltd, a not-for-profit private-public partnership in the Place Management and Placemaking in Singapore River Precinct. At the helm of her leadership, Singapore River One Ltd became the first pilot Business Improvement District in Singapore in 2017.

Barney Steel

Co-founder & Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast

Barnaby Churchill Steel is a visual artist and co-founder of ‘Marshmallow Laser Feast’ (MLF) whose work bridges experimental genres and unfamiliar mediums, forging artistry, science and technology to sculpt the malleable texture of perception.

Chee Choong Ng

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, DHL Express Hong Kong and Macau

Chee Choong Ng is the Managing Director of DHL Express Hong Kong and Macau. With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, Mr. Ng is in charge of spearheading the strategic growth and managing overall operations in Hong Kong and Macau.

Alison Novak

Head of Sidewalk Urban Development, Sidewalk Labs

Alison Novak is Head of Sidewalk Urban Development. Alison has overseen the acquisition, design, financing, construction, and completion of a wide range of housing developments ranging from affordable to high-end, homeownership to rental, single-family to high-rise. She has over 15 years of real estate development experience.

Olga Stella

VP, Strategy & Communications, College for Creative Studies and Executive Director, Design Core Detroit

Olga Stella has almost 20 years of experience in economic development, public policy and coalition-building in Detroit. Her career has spanned working alongside residents in Detroit neighborhoods to helping to facilitate over $200 million in investment in the city.

Evan Meyer

CEO, Beautify Earth

Evan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for artfully revitalizing urban settings, civic service, and building thoughtful organizations, communities, and cultures. Evan is the Founder of, a tech platform that speed tracks the urban beautification process through art.

Ashwini Chhabra

Chief Public Policy Officer, TIER Mobility

Ashwini Chhabra is the Chief Public Policy Officer at TIER Mobility, the leading shared micromobility operator in Europe. Prior to TIER, Ashwini established the Policy Development teams at Uber and Bird. He previously also held positions in NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s administration.

William Harris

President and CEO, Space Center Houston

William T. Harris is the President and CEO of Space Center Houston and the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation, the nonprofit science and space learning center. Space Center Houston is the No. 1 international attraction in the greater Houston area, generating a $118.1 million annual economic impact.


Artist & Founder, BREAKFAST

Andrew Zolty is an artist and co-founder of BREAKFAST, a new media artist collective focused on creating forward-looking software-and-hardware-driven artworks that connect viewers to far-away places through interactive experiences and tell powerful stories about our rapidly changing world.

Sylvester Turner

Mayor, Houston

Sylvester Turner is an American attorney and politician and is the 62nd mayor of Houston, Texas. A member of the Democratic Party, Turner was a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1989 until 2016. He attended the University of Houston and Harvard Law School.

Adrian Ellis

Director, AEA Consulting and Chair, Global Cultural Districts Network

Adrian Ellis is the founding director of AEA Consulting and co-founder/director of the Global Cultural Districts Network, a collaborative network for people and organizations responsible for planning, leading and operating cultural districts around the world.

Usman Haque

Founding Partner & Creative Director, Umbrellium

With a specialty in networked urban environments, interactive architecture & community activation, Usman Haque has designed & built all sorts of things: spaces, structures, systems, platforms, companies. Trained as an architect, Usman is founder and creative director of Umbrellium, a London-based design & build studio dedicated to transforming urban environments.

Andrew King

Chief Design Officer, Lemay

Andrew King is a recognized leader in Canadian design practice, education and excellence. Responsible for the firm’s design leadership, he has evolved a critically recognized practice model that converges speculative practice, creative thinking and academic research.

Laura Crescimano

Principal, SITELAB urban studio

Laura Crescimano is the Co-Founder and Principal of SITELAB urban studio. SITELAB urban studio operates at the intersection of analysis and inspiration, with projects ranging from strategic planning and programming to urban design and design interventions.

Deborah Cullinan

CEO, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) CEO Deborah Cullinan is one of the nation’s leading thinkers on the pivotal role artists and arts organizations play in shaping our social landscape. During her tenure at YBCA, she has launched several bold new programs, engagement strategies, and civic coalitions.

Gerardo Interiano

VP of Government Relations & Public Affairs, Aurora

Gerardo Interiano is Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Aurora, the company building self-driving technology to deliver the benefits of the future of transportation safely and quickly. He has more than fifteen years of advocacy, campaign, and legislative experience.

Nolan Marshall

President and CEO, DVBIA

Nolan Marshall is the CEO of Downton Vancouver Business Association. Nolan joins DVBIA from New Orleans, where he served as the Chief Engagement and Solutions Officer of the New Orleans Business Alliance. Marshall turned his attention to public policy and advocacy in 2006 following Hurricane Katrina.

Peter Murray, OBE

Curator-in-Chief, NLA

Peter Murray is Curator-in-Chief of New London Architecture (NLA). He trained as an architect but has spent most of his career writing about and commenting on architecture rather than practising it.

Ilana Altman

Co-Executive Director, The Bentway

Ilana Altman is a cultural planner and designer who has a background in art and architecture. In her role as Co-Executive Director she works with the community to implement innovative and engaging programming, revealing new possibilities for public space and cultivates the best visitor experience possible.

Bob Rennie

Founder & Executive Director, Rennie Group and President, Tate Americas Foundation

Bob Rennie is the founder and executive director of rennie group. Bob is currently the President of the Tate Americas Foundation, sits on the Board of Trustees at the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond and Gold Jubilee awards.

Sofia Song

Global Cities Lead, Gensler

Sofia is the global leader of cities research at Gensler’s Research Institute, where she leads a cross-disciplinary team to generate new insights and data that position Gensler as a thought leader, working to influence change at the city scale.

Kate Thompson

President and CEO, CMLC

Kate Thompson is the president and CEO of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC). Her exceptional leadership has been instrumental in the success of Calgary’s East Village and major city-building projects like the Central Library. She is now overseeing the development of over $1billion in major projects.

Demar Matthews

Founder and Principal, OffTOP Design

Demar Matthews is a Los Angeles-based architectural designer, theorist, and writer. He is the founder and Principal of OffTop Design. His introduction to the field was through his article “A Black Architecture Education Experience” on archinect. Demar believes architecture should not only be for the privileged.

Emily Tan

Senior Correspondent, CNBC International

Based in Hong Kong, Emily Tan is a Senior Correspondent for CNBC International. Emily covers breaking business and financial stories on Hong Kong, China and Taiwan markets. She has also covered the Taiwanese Presidential elections in 2008, 2012 and 2020.

David Johnston

CEO, Accept & Proceed

David Johnston is the Founder and Creative Director of Accept & Proceed, the B Corp creative studio dedicated to amplifying the power of visionaries. David has worked with clients including Nike, Rapha, Google and NASA and is the host of A&P’s podcast series, Endless Vital Activity.

Sarah Thornton

Author & Scholar in Residence at University of California, Berkeley

Sarah Thornton is an ethnographer who writes about art, design and people. Formerly the chief writer on contemporary art for The Economist, Thornton is the author of three books, including her bestselling Seven Days in the Art World.

Chris Gourlay

CEO and Founder, Spacehive

Chris Gourlay is the founder and CEO of Spacehive, Chris led the design and growth of the world’s first crowdfunding platform for projects that improve the civic environment. Chris has been featured in Sky News, BBC’s Today programme, WIRED, The New Scientist, and The Guardian.

Sonja Trauss

President and Founder, Yes In My Backyard

Sonja Trauss is President of YIMBY Law, a legal non-profit that enforces state housing laws. YIMBY Law ensures that opportunity-rich cities and low-density suburbs build their state-required housing allocations. YIMBY Law also advises lawmakers on necessary amendments to existing state laws.

Tom Scerbo

Senior Vice President & Metro New York Executive, AECOM

As a champion of design excellence, resiliency, and the integration of advanced digital solutions, Tom is responsible for strategic growth and profitability in the Transportation, Water and Wastewater, Program and Project Management, and Buildings + Places groups in New York and New Jersey.

Ethan Kent

Executive Director, PlacemakingX

Ethan Kent works to support public space and placemaking leadership around the world, to grow the global placemaking movement that he helped found. In 2019 he co-founded PlacemakingX to network and accelerate placemaking for global impact, supporting the creation of 15+ regional placemaking networks.

Tamika L. Butler

Founder and Principal, Tamika L. Butler Consulting

Tamika L. Butler is a national expert and speaker on issues related to the built environment, equity, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, organizational behavior, and change management. From speaking, to writing, to training, Tamika has worked with a myriad of clients.

Tara Dawson McGuinness

Author & Founder, New Practice Lab

Tara Dawson McGuinness was tapped by President Obama to run the organizing healthcare effort for millions of Americans. She served as a senior adviser in the White House Office of Management. She is the author (with Hana Schank) of Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology.

Hana Schank

Author & Director of Strategy, New America

Hana Schank is the Director of Strategy for Public Interest Technology at New America. Schank is a frequent contributor to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and the author (with Tara Dawson McGuinness) of Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology.

Larry Leung

Vice President, Operations, K11 Concepts Limited

Larry Leung is the Site in Charge of 11 SKIES – the Hong Kong largest hub to be for retail, dining and entertainment, located next to the Hong Kong International Airport. Larry is currently overseeing all pre-opening matters of 11 SKIES across all spectrums.

Imogen Clark

Cofounder, Make Space for Girls

Imogen Clark, Co-Founder of Make Space for Girls, worked as a lawyer before concentrating on activities in the community sector. She believes in challenging the “hard to see” discrimination that arises when decisions are based on viewing life through the lens of the dominant groups in society.

Susannah Walker

Cofounder, Make Space for Girls

Susannah Walker, co-founder of Make Space for Girls is an author and former tv producer. Make Space for Girls campaigns for facilities and public spaces for teenage girls.

Michael Green

Founder & Principal, Michael Green Architecture

Michael Green is an award-winning architect, speaker, and author known for using design to create meaningful, sustainable built environments that benefit both people and the planet. Michael is a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon

CEO, Polis Institute

Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon is President and Chief Data Officer at Polis Institute. Widely recognized for her contributions, Dr. Maroon is a recipient of the United States President’s Volunteer Service Award and has been a National Science Foundation Fellow.

Michael Lockwood

Principal, Populous

Michael Lockwood is the design director of Populous’ convention center practice. He’s delivered award-winning work in the heart of America (San Antonio’s $325-million convention center expansion and renovation) and the desert landscape of the Middle East (Qatar National Convention Centre)

Christopher Cabaldon

Mayor, Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Entrepreneur

Christopher Cabaldon served as mayor of West Sacramento for over two decades, making him the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history. He has been a featured speaker at the World Urban Forum, the New Cities Summit, the Innovation Growth Lab, and the Global Parliament of Mayors.

Jonny Klokk

Partner, Mad Arkitekter

Jonny Klokk is a partner at the Norwegian architecture company, Mad Arkitekter. He has extensive experience with complex buildings projects and urbanism of different scales. He has played an active role in the development of the Woho-project, as the responsible partner for the architects.

Robyn Marquis

Program Lead, New York Clean Transportation Prizes

Dr. Robyn Marquis currently leads the New York Clean Transportation Prizes program, which will support electrifying transportation, reducing air pollution, and enhancing clean mobility in underserved communities in NYS. Robyn also oversees NYSERDA’s mobility management investment strategy.

Derek Gagne

Principal, EDSA, Inc.

Derek B. Gagne is a Principal at EDSA. Fueled by his global awareness and personal travels, Derek is inspired by the understanding and application of movement, space, and context. Derek manages the day-to-day operations of the New York studio.

Dan Hill

Director of Strategic Design, Vinnova

Dan Hill is Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, the Swedish government’s innovation agency. He has previously held design leadership roles at Arup Digital Studio, Future Cities Catapult, Fabrica, Sitra, and the BBC.

Rimma Boshernitsan

Executive Advisor, Founder & CEO, DIALOGUE

Rimma Boshernitsan is the Founder and CEO of DIALOGUE, a multi-disciplinary strategy advisory working at the intersection of people, technology, and society. Prior to DIALOGUE, Rimma was a strategic advisor to CEOs of businesses and Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Aesop, Lyft, Kraft Foods, and Chevron)

Alexandra Hagen

CEO, White Arkitekter

Alexandra Hagen is the CEO of White Arkitekter. An accomplished architect with long experience within the practice; she has held several roles, including director of White International. For the past seven years she has been managing director of White’s 90-person Malmö office.

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Executive Director, Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, Asia Pacific

Duleesha is the lead strategist for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge–a Silicon Valley-based management research institute exploring the edges of business and technology.

Dr. Sandhya Sriram

CEO and Founder, Shiok Meats

Dr. Sandhya Sriram is the CEO and co-founder of Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd., Singapore, the first cell-based seafood & meat company in Southeast Asia and the first cell-based Crustacean company globally. Shiok Meats has raised USD 20 Million in funding since its inception in 2018.

Steven Pedigo

Founding Executive Director, The LBJ School of Public Affairs

Steven is a professor of practice at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and the director of the LBJ Urban Lab. He is also director of research and advising for the Creative Class Group and VP, Economic Development, at Resonance Consultancy.

Jodie Lesh

Chief Transformation Office, Kaiser Permanente

Jodie Lesh leads Kaiser Permanente’s Office of Transformation. Jodie operates as a cross-functional orchestrator of complex, disruptive initiatives in support of the organization’s Shared Agenda, with the goal of creating more healthy years for members.

Mark Wee

Executive Director, DesignSingapore Council

Before becoming the Executive Director of DesignSingapore, Mark Wee has had a fruitful career as the founder of ANNEXA / Architects, ONG&ONG’s Experience Design Studio as well as an educator moulding young minds in multiple private and public organizations.

Yemie Sonuga

Broadway Performer and Actor

Yemie Sonuga is a Nigerian, Canadian, and American singer, actor, model, and writer. Her worldwide stage performances have included Disney’s The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, The Original Cast and World Premiere of Ghost the Musical *Broadway Album, and The International Tour of Fame the Musical.

Sheryl Kaller

Broadway Director, Drama League Council

Sheryl Kaller is a Tony-nominated theatre director and sits on the New York Drama League Council. Some of her Broadway credits include Mothers and Sons and Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts. She also recently directed the world premieres of Billy Porter’s play WHILE I YET LIVE at Primary Stages.

Elaine Bedell

CEO, Southbank Centre

‘Elaine Bedell was appointed the Chief Executive of Uk’s largest arts centre, the Southbank Centre, in May 2017. Elaine previously enjoyed a 25-year career in the media, working in senior roles at the BBC and at ITV where she produced some of the UK’s most popular entertainment titles. Elaine served as Executive Chair of the Edinburgh International TV Festival for 4 years and was appointed a Trustee for the V&A Museum in 2015.

Gabriel Stelian-Shanks

Artistic Director, The Drama League of New York

Gabriel Stelian-Shanks (he/him+) is an award-winning director, writer, producer and Artistic Director of The Drama League of New York. He has directed over sixty theatrical, film, and television projects across the globe and is the author of twenty-two plays, screenplays, and television projects.

Jana Perkovic

Editor, SPACE10

Jana Perković is an editor at SPACE10, Copenhagen-based research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet.

Abby Chen

Head of Contemporary Art, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Abby Chen is the Head of Contemporary Art and Senior Associate Curator at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Chen has overseen numerous exhibitions and installations that highlight the intersectionalities of race, sexuality, gender, nation, migration, and technology in both the USA and Asia.

Eric Willett

Managing Director of Strategic Consulting, RCLCO

Eric is Managing Director in RCLCO’s strategic planning and management consulting practice. At RCLCO, Eric works with a wide variety of market-leading firms throughout the real estate industry to craft and execute organizational strategy, portfolio transformation, and corporate growth initiatives.

Jeroen Beekmans

Managing Partner, Pop-Up City

Jeroen Beekmans is co-founder and managing partner of PUC, a creative agency for spatial development headquartered in Amsterdam. PUC works for governments on integrated strategic spatial challenges. On, the agency conducts public research on global trends and their impact on space.

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

Host, Common Ground

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson is an award-winning American journalist who was a longtime NPR international correspondent running the U.S. public radio network’s bureau in Kabul, Cairo and Berlin. She currently hosts the Berlin-based podcast, “Common Ground,” and is working on a book about Afghan women mountain climbers.

Vernon Everitt

Managing Director, Customers, Communication and Technology, Transport for London

Vernon is responsible for Transport for London’s customer, communication, technology/data and city planning strategies and their delivery, which put customers at the heart of the organisation’s operations.He is active in supporting greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Andrea Curtis

Executive Director, Vancouver Mural Fest

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Vancouver Mural Festival. VMF hosts two major annual festivals: the Vancouver Mural Festival, and VMF Winter Arts, which attract hundreds of thousands annually. She was recently recognized as one of Canada’s 250 Must-Know Event Professionals (BizBash April 2021)

Ryan Martin

Partner & General Counsel, LDR Growth Partners

Ryan Martin is Principal and Co-Founder at LDR Advisory Partners and Partner and General Counsel at LDR Growth Partners. In addition to corporate governance and legal management, Ryan focuses on strategy implementation, organizational design and management of portfolios and strategic initiatives.

Theresa Howland

Vice President, Sponsorship & Marketing, Calgary Stampede

Theresa joined the Stampede in 2013 and has held leadership roles in sponsorship, marketing and communications. She was appointed as Vice-President, Sponsorship, Marketing & Employee Services in 2018.

Niara Sterling

DJ, Event Producer, and Host

Niara Sterling is a multifaceted artist who is known as a DJ and Music Supervisor. Originally from Springfield, Virginia, she began her music career in 2016. quickly realizing that music is one of her passions, Niara relocated her career from Washington D.C. to Brooklyn, New York.

Kai Sachse

Head of Operations, Berlin Clubcommission.

Kai Sachse is a Researcher, Consultant and Project Manager at Clubcommission Berlin. After studying Social Sciences, he moved to Berlin and completed his Master’s in Political Communication. While becoming passionate about the city’s vibrant club culture, he gained work experience in Public Relations, Political Education and Research. Now Kai Sachse is part of the Management team and heads the Research and Consulting Division at Clubcommission.

Tony Travers

Director, LSE London

Tony Travers is director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics. He is also a professor in the LSE’s Government Department. His key research interests include public finance, local/ regional government and London government.

Marcus Westbury

Founder, Renew Australia

Marcus Westbury is a consultant, strategist, and writer working with cities, companies, communities and government at the intersection of cities, culture, place and creativity. Marcus founded the multi-award-winning Renew Newcastle and is the author of Creating Cities (Niche Press, 2015).

Georgia Gould

Chair of London Councils

Georgia Gould was elected a Councillor for Kentish Town ward for Camden Council in 2010. She became a Leader in 2017. Under her leadership, the Council held the country’s first Climate Emergency Citizens Assembly in 2019 to inform the response to our climate and ecological emergency.

Nella Brodett

Director of Investment & Partnerships, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII)

Nella Brodett is the Director of Investment & Partnerships at Amii. After earning her Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, Nella began her career in the Toronto tech sector working with startups, the provincial government, health technology commercialization and AI.

Chris Michael

Commissioning Editor & Special Series, International desk, The Guardian

Chris Michael is an international news and series editor for The Guardian, and host of the Reverberate podcast.

Zrinka Bralo

CEO, Migrants Organise

Zrinka Bralo is Chief Executive of Migrants Organise – a community organising platform for migrants and refugees acting for justice. Zrinka is a refugee from Sarajevo (Bosnia), where she was a journalist working with leading war correspondents during the siege in the 90’s.

Erin Kearns

Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Erin M. Kearns is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice & the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology and Education (NCITE) Center of Excellence at the University of Nebraska. Her work has been featured on CNN, The Economist, the Washington Post, and Vox.

Gary Pooni

President, Pooni Group

Gary Pooni is the President of the Pooni Group, a Vancouver-based technical urban planning and communications company with over 30 years of experience navigating real estate development approvals.

Franca Brodett

Associate Director, Advancement at Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Franca Brodett is the Associate Director of Advancement for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. She is also an entrepreneur, owner of Emerge Career Consulting.

Tonya Gayle

Executive Director, Green City Force

Tonya Gayle is Executive Director of Green City Force (GCF) where she created and led GCF’s development team from July 2014 to September 2020. She is a board member of The Corps Network focused on national service, and Environmental Advocates of NY focused on environmental justice.

Kristine Schmidt

Former VP, Capital Children Organization in Billund & CEO and Founder, World of Impact

Kristine Schmidt was formerly responsible for City Brand Capital of Children (Billund, Denmark). She has driven the place brand towards a dual bottom line of global reach and social impact. Kristine built a partnership from zero to 18 organizations committed to developing Billund as the Capital of Children.

Jack Backen

Director, Property Economics and Research, Cistri

Jack Backen specialises in the economics behind property performance. With qualifications in economics, law and finance, Jack joined Urbis Australia in 2005 and focuses on projects in Asia.

Olufemi Babalola

CEO, Gracefield Island

Olufemi Babalola is the Chief Executive Officer at Gracefield Island, a new city development that plans and establishes appropriate corporate structure and network of consortia to initiate and deliver a new island city on the Lagos Lagoon, Lekki Central, Nigeria

Kat Hanna

Masterplan Strategist, Euston Project, Lendlease

Kat joined Lendlease in 2019 as masterplan strategist for the 60 acre Euston over-site development. Kat has authored a number of reports and articles on urban development in London and regularly appears as a commentator on urban affairs across a range of publications, media, and events.

Terry Wong

Co-Owner and Partner, Blood Bros. BBQ

Terry Wong is one of the three ‘Blood Brothers’ of the Houston famous Blood Bros. BBQ. The culturally diverse and fresh-minded restaurant has gained publicity from the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, and Bon Appetit.

Mara Mintzer

Executive Director, Growing Up Boulder

Mara Mintzer is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of Growing Up Boulder. She is a passionate advocate for child-friendly cities, Mara presents and writes internationally on the topic of engaging young people in inclusive community planning and development.

Paris Smith

Participant, Territory Chicago

Paris Smith has been a part of the Territory program for 3 years. She is currently a senior at Lane Tech High School. At school, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Lane’s yearbook, a member of Lane Tech Organization of Women member, a part of the Cradles 2 Crayons organization, and a writing center tutor.

Isobel Araujo

Program Director, Territory Chicago

Isobel Araujo is the Program Manager at Territory Chicago, a design-based creative youth development organization, providing skill-building programs in urban design for young people. They’ve completed pop-ups, proposals, and semi-permanent installations to reclaim public spaces in our communities.

Allison Arieff

Director of Communications, Replica

Allison Arieff is Director of Communications for the urban technology platform Replica. An American writer and editor, she was, most recently, Senior Editor of City Monitor – The New Statesman. She was previously editorial director for the urban planning and policy think tank, SPUR.

Monica Ramirez Hartmann

​​Director, CoCrea

Monica Ramirez Hartmann is the Director of CoCrea (National agency for the development of the Creative Economy, Colombia) In 2016 she was appointed by the Mayor of Bogota as Director of a Cultural Agency responsible for the revitalization of the city center through cultural programs

Katie Baron

Author and Director of Brand Engagement, Stylus

Katie Baron is a British writer, strategist and futurist. She’s the director of the Retail & Brand Communications and Pop Culture & Media divisions of global foresight business Stylus, a senior Forbes columnist and has authored two books on visual culture – Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries and Fashion & Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture.

Vivian Cheung

Executive Director, Airport Operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Vivian Cheung is the Executive Director, Airport Operations of Airport Authority Hong Kong. She leads the Airport Management Division to oversee airport operations and aviation development and works closely with the airport community to support the development of Hong Kong International Airport.

Jorick Beijer

Urbanist and Director, Blossity

Jorick Beijer is an urbanist and co-founder of Blossity. Blossity turns trends into tactics for pioneering corporates, consumer brands and city governments. Ongoing work includes the EMEA HQ for Nike, the Global HQ of Siemens Healthineers and Brainport Smart District.

Bryan Buggey

Director, Economic Transformation & Climate Action, Vancouver Economic Commission

Bryan is a senior executive with more than three decades of experience as a leader in entrepreneurship and economic development. In his role as Director, he leads teams in charge of projects and programs aimed at supporting the Vancouver business ecosystem’s transition towards a knowledge-based, low-carbon, circular economy.

Jerry Koh

Senior Program Director of Impact Coalitions, MaRS Discovery District

Jerry Koh is a leader in utilizing systemic innovation he is currently the Senior Program Director of Impact Coalitions at MaRS Discovery District, where he leads a team of experts in climate action, cleantech, inclusive smart cities and systemic innovation.

Mary Rowe

CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

Mary is a leading urban advocate and civil society leader who has worked in cities across Canada and the United States. Mary comes to CUI with several years of experience as an urban advocate and community leader, including serving as Executive Vice President of the Municipal Art Society of New York (MASNYC)

Rosanna Vitiello

Bureau Chief and Co-founder, The Place Bureau

Rosanna Vitiello is a creative director with unparalleled international experience in envisioning cultural landscapes, destinations and urban districts. Described as scriptwriters for place, The Place Bureau’s strategic insight and collaborative placemaking re-imagines new frontiers for city-making, working in the spaces where nature and culture come together.

Laura Capobianco

Senior Policy Advisor on Safe Public Spaces in the Ending Violence against Women and Girls Section, UN Women

Laura Capobianco is a Senior Policy Advisor on Safe Public Spaces in the Ending Violence against Women and Girls Section, UN Women. Since 2012, she has contributed to the
development of a Global Framework on Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces and an accompanying global package of tools which is helping to support action in over 50 Safe Cities/Safe Public Space free of Violence against Women and Girls integrated programmes, spanning 32 countries, and adapted to context.

Stacie Chan

Partnerships Lead, Google Assistant UK

Stacie Chan leads Google Assistant Partnerships in the UK, partnering with innovative companies and brands on mobile & voice experiments. Previously, Stacie lead Search & News Partnerships in Google Asia-Pacific. Before joining Google, she was a journalist in San Francisco, and an actress in Los Angeles.

Sarah M. Kaufman

Associate Director, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management

Sarah M. Kaufman is the Associate Director of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, where she has researched and educated about cutting-edge technologies in transportation for nearly ten years. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Planning, teaching Intelligent Cities and Advanced Projects in Urban Planning.

Charles Reed Anderson

Asia's IoT, Smart Cities, PropTech & Connectivity Pragmatist

Charles Reed Anderson is one of Asia’s leading technology industry innovators and thought leaders. His in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, combined with his understanding of the market demand, provides him with a unique ability to separate industry hype from reality.

Cheong Koon Hean

Chairman, Centre for Livable Cities, Singapore

Professor CHEONG Koon Hean is currently Chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities (Ministry of National Development) as well as the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities in the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Charles T. Brown

Founder and Principal, Equitable Cities

Charles T. Brown is the founder and principal of Equitable Cities, a minority- and veteran-owned urban planning, public policy and research firm focused at the intersection of transportation, health and equity. He is also an adjunct professor at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.

Gabriella Gómez-Mont

Founder and Principal, Experimentalista

Gabriella Gómez-Mont is the founder and director of Experimentalista, a novel type of nomadic and creative office specialized in cities. She was also the former Chief Creative Officer of Mexico City, and the founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad (2013 – 2018).

Mark Thomas

Managing Director, Serviceworks

Mark is an entrepreneur and smart cities expert. He leads Serviceworks which specialises in smart mobility, city digitisation and citizen technology opportunities. He is a regular international speaker and media commentator on these issues.

Kristina Lao


Kristina Lao (she/her) is an Artist-Advocate and Entertainment Consultant from Hong Kong. She has toured nationally, hosted and performed at local and international festivals, collaborated with award-winning producers and appeared in numerous network TV shows.

Sarah Kirby-Yung

Councillor, City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung believes people-focused public space and urban design support vibrant and connected cities. Previously elected to Vancouver Park Board serving as Chair. As a Councillor she’s championed restaurant patios, pop-up plazas and pedestrian promenades.

Nate Sabine

Senior Business Advisor, Blueprint

Nate’s background in marketing and culture lead to his current role of Senior Business Advisor at Blueprint. Dealing with government, partnerships, public relations, and sponsorship, Nate touches every one of Blueprint’s ventures. He sits on the boards of the DVBIA and Hospitality Vancouver Association.

Aftab Erfan

Chief Equity Officer, City of Vancouver

Aftab Erfan (she/her) is a long-standing scholar-practitioner in the field of inclusion and social justice,
currently serving as the City of Vancouver’s first Chief Equity Officer. She was educated as an
environmental scientist and urban planner. In 2013 Aftab completed a PhD in Community and Regional
Planning at UBC.

Francis Ghesquiere

Urban Practice Manager, The World Bank

Francis Ghesquiere is a Practice Manager at the World Bank East Asia and Pacific Region, where he is in charge of a $4.5 billion portfolio focused on urban development, risk and resilience, and land management. He is also coordinating the World Bank Climate Change Support team in that region.

Matthew Hickey

Architect, Designer and Assistant Professor, OCAD

Matthew is Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, practicing architecture at Two Row Architect for 15 years, he currently oversees design and development for the firm. Matthew is an Assistant Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Toronto

Chris Chong

CEO of Retail & Workspace (Singapore and Malaysia), CapitaLand Investment

Chris oversees CapitaLand Investment’s asset management and operations for Retail and Workspace in Singapore and Malaysia, including CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust, Ascendas Reit, and CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust.

Arsha Cazazian-Clement

Director, Global Real Estate, Shearman & Sterling

Arsha Cazazian is a seasoned real estate executive with over 2 decades of experience. In her current role as Director of Global Real Estate for Shearman & Sterling, LLP., she is responsible for the delivery and management of the partnership’s 1 million sq. ft global real estate portfolio spanning 23 offices across 5 continents.

Victoria Elizondo

Chef & Owner, Cochinita & Co.

Born in Mexico raised in Texas, Chef Victoria Elizondo has been slowly building a Mexican culinary empire. From pop-up tents to a now brick and mortar, food truck and a packaged food line, Elizondo and her team are planning to keep their brand growing while maintaining their focus on made from scratch, vibrant and innovative Mexican cuisine.

Ope Amosu

Blọk Captain, ChòpnBlọk

Growing up in Houston as a child of Nigerian immigrants, Chef Ope Amosu personifies the Afro-American crossroads. Ope created what has now become his nationally acclaimed food and beverage concept, ChòpnBlọk, the crossroads where local communities and West African culinary traditions converge.

Brett Willman

Gateway Production Integration Lead, NASA

Brett M. Willman is a Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) Program Integration Lead for the Gateway Program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He is responsible for leading teams to integrate the combined Power Propulsion Element (PPE) and HALO into one SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch vehicle for launch.

Michelle Rucker

Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center

Michelle currently leads a cross-agency human Mars Architecture Team (MAT), developing crewed Mars mission concepts. Michelle has served as a system engineer in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) Programs and on the Constellation Program’s Orion and Altair lunar lander test and verification teams.

Kennie Ting

Director, Asian Civilisations Museum

Kennie Ting is the Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Peranakan Museum, and concurrently Group Director, Museums at the National Heritage Board (NHB) Singapore, overseeing national museums and festivals managed by the NHB.

Jack FitzGerald

Director for Smart Cities and Real Estate Tech, Hitachi

Jack leads Hitachi’s smart city and real estate technology strategy in APAC where he works with key landlords and governments on large-scale technology platforms. He was previously at Lendlease in Singapore where he worked across their major projects in retail and commercial, both as a Development Manager, and with responsibility for technology planning and delivery.

Dr. Sharmi Watkins

Assistant Director, Human Health and Performance Directorate, NASA Johnson Space Center

Dr. Sharmi Watkins is the Assistant Director of the Human Health and Performance Directorate at the NASA Johnson Space Center. In her time at NASA, Sharmi has also served as a flight surgeon, lead scientist for Exploration Medical Capability, and medical subject matter expert the Commercial Crew Program.

Anita Chen

Deputy Secretary-General, Go Smart

Anita Chen is the Deputy Secretary-General of GO SMART, an international platform that aims to engage smart cities teams in global governments, industries and institutions. She is also responsible for partnership and strategy in Taiwan Startup Terrace, the largest startup hub & ecosystem conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

Zoe Eather

CEO and Founder, My Smart Community

Zoe is an experienced consultant, Churchill Fellow and engineer who specialises in Smart Communities, that is using different ways of thinking and technology as enablers to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all.

Juvarya Veltkamp

Director, Canadian Climate Law Initiative, UBC

Juvarya Veltkamp is the Director of the Canada Climate Law Initiative. She helps organizations account for people and planet in decision-making, from how to understand and prepare for climate risk, to how to identify business opportunities arising from government’s clean and green policies.

Jane Stricker

Senior Relationship Manager, bp

Jane Stricker is part of the bp team that focuses on helping countries, cities, and corporations around the world decarbonize. She has accountability for building and maintaining strong relationships with partner cities and corporations.

Jenny Philip

Chief Strategy Officer, Greater Houston Partnership

As Chief Strategy Officer at the Greater Houston Partnership, Jenny drives the development, refinement and implementation of the Partnership’s strategy across the organization’s core functions of public policy, economic development, and member engagement. Most recently, Jenny led the creation and launch of the Partnership’s Houston Energy Transition Initiative.

Adem Holness

Music Curator, Horniman Museum and Relationship Manager, Arts Council England

Adem Holness FRSA is a senior artistic programmer and cultural strategist, currently working as Music Curator at the Horniman Museum in South London and Relationship Manager at Arts Council England. Adem is a fellow of Clore Leadership and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Rob Gaudette

Senior Vice President NRG Business, NRG Energy

Robert Gaudette is Senior Vice President of NRG Business, where he manages the largest B2B retail gas and power platform and the top three largest provider of demand response in North America – overseeing market leading products and services, including renewable energy acquisition strategy and private load management programs.

Adib Jalal


Adib Jalal is an urbanist whose work involves building connections between people and place, and breaking down complex urban issues for discussion and action. He is the creator of Urban Ideas, a project to share and enable ideas for better cities and is currently an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD).

Sarah Ichioka

Urbanist, Curator and Writer

Sarah Ichioka is founding director of Desire Lines, a strategic consultancy for environmental, cultural, and social-impact organizations and initiatives. Her new book Flourish: Design Paradigms for our Planetary Emergency (2021), is co-authored with Michael Pawlyn

Raphael Gielgen

Head of research & trendscouting, Vitra

Raphael Gielgen has spent most of his professional life working on making the office environment a better place. His curiosity for architecture, technology and social change in the context of working environments is his fuel –always connected to the question of how the global working world is changing and what impact it has on existing business models.

John Tory

Mayor, City of Toronto

Born and raised in Toronto, John Tory is the current Mayor of Toronto, first elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018. Over the last year, the Mayor has been leading Toronto’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring that the City government does everything it can to help people get through this emergency

Jing Liu

Architect, educator & co-founder, SO-IL

Jing Liu has been practicing for more than 15 years. Through building practice and interdisciplinary research projects, Liu has led SO–IL in the engagement with the socio-political issues of contemporary cities — in projects like the Artists Loft North Omaha and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Cleveland.

Alex Croney

Diving Instructor, Sai Kung Scuba

Alex Croney began his diving adventures at just eight years old. He became a dive-master in 2018 and later joined Sai Kung Scuba, an organisation that provides memorable diving experiences to Hong Kong people. As well as instructing classes, Alex heads up Sai Kung Scuba’s Environmental Diving programme.

William Sargent

Hong Kong Snake Expert

Grown-up in Hong Kong, William Sargent has always had a passion for outdoor life, conservation, and wildlife. Six years ago, he became a snake catcher for the Hong Kong Police. Apart from studying reptiles, he runs his own outdoor corporate events business. Four years ago, he set up Hong Kong Snake Safaris, taking people into the wild to view snakes and other wildlife.

Roland Sharman

Founder, Adventurer, HKOUTSIDER

Roland Sharman is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist, Roland has spent many years exploring the unique diversity of landscape only Hong Kong has to offer. Facing personal challenges and looking for a new direction in life, he confronted his fear of heights by venturing into the world of vertical adventure and in doing so became an avid climber and canyoneer.

Suhanya Raffel

Museum Director, M+

Suhanya Raffel leads and oversees all museum activities, including acquisitions, programming, collections care, development, research, institutional collaborations, and operations. She joined M+ as Executive Director in 2016 and was appointed Museum Director in 2019. Formerly, she was Deputy Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Daniel Wong

COO, Talon (Hong Kong)

Daniel Wong grew up on the internet playing games using dial up and witnessed the growth of gaming over the past 20 years. As one of the earliest members of Talon, Daniel used his background in production and management to develop the brand globally. Passionate about gaming, his vision is to develop Esports into a viable career opportunity for the next generations.

Karena Belin

Co-Founder, COO/CFO, RO, AngelHub

Karena Belin is a startup evangelist who co-founded AngelHub, Hong Kong’s first and only tech company investment platform licensed by SFC (local regulator) for professional investors and startups. Currently a member of the Startup Committee of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and the HKTDC Belt and Road & Greater Bay Area Committee.

Rhaime Kim

COO, Rice Robotics

Rhaime Kim is the COO at Rice Robotics. Rice Robotics is an autonomous robotics startup in Hong Kong building multifunctional delivery, disinfection and patrol robots that can navigate, operate elevators and charge itself. Prior to Rice, Rhaime was a VC at Van Wickle Ventures and served as deputy CMO at the pre-IPO fund Central Exchange. She is a Computer Science graduate of Brown University.

Benjamin Quinlan

CEO & Managing Partner, Quinlan & Associates

Benjamin Quinlan is recognised as one of Asia’s leading FinTech influencers, he is the Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, an Adjunct Professor at the AIT School of Management, a Conference Ambassador for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, sits on the Advisory Committee for Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s (HKSTP) Technology Validation Initiative, etc.

Dr Winnie Tang

Founder and Chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) Ltd

Dr Winnie Tang is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. She is one of the local born IT entrepreneurs from the city. In the 1990s, she founded Esri China to develop Geographic Information System (GIS) software and solutions.

Vincent Ng

Chairman, Harbourfront Commission

Vincent Ng is an award-winning architect and urban designer. Alongside his 30-year portfolio of commercial and institutional architecture, he is active in public services, driving forward Hong Kong’s harbourfront development. Before chairing the Harbourfront Commission in 2018, he has been a member of the former Harbour-front Enhancement Committee since 2004.

Betty Fung,

CEO, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

As heads of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Home Affairs Bureau, Betty has been heavily involved in the development and promotion of arts and culture in Hong Kong in the past decade, contributing to the launch of the West Kowloon Cultural District project and the HK Palace Museum project.

Inge Goudsmit

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, CUHK

Inge Goudsmit is an architect and urban designer with 17 years of experience in practice, Inge is teaching and conducting research in architecture and urban design with a focus on urban politics. Before joining The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), she was an Associate at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, where she designed prestigious urban projects.

Rena Soutar

Manager of Decolonization, Arts and Culture at Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Rena Soutar is of Haida descent and works as Reconciliation Planner for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Her portfolio includes the ambitious goal of decolonizing the Vancouver Park Board. Among other initiatives, she works inter-governmentally with local First Nations on a long-term comprehensive plan for Stanley Park. Rena currently is leading the colonial audit for the Vancouver Park Board.

Tamara Taggart


Tamara Taggart is a community leader, activist, veteran broadcaster, cancer survivor, mother, and former candidate in the 2019 Canadian election. Born and raised in Vancouver, Tamara is a community leader who advocates for others and raises much-needed funds for many important causes.

john a. powell

Director, Othering & Belonging Institute

john a. powell is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of civil rights, civil liberties, structural racism, housing, poverty, and democracy. He is the Director of the Othering & Belonging Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, a research institute that brings together scholars, community advocates, communicators, and policymakers to identify and eliminate the barriers to an inclusive, just, and sustainable society and to create transformative change toward a more equitable world.

Brett Perlman

CEO, Center for Houston's Future

Brett A. Perlman serves as the CEO of the Center for Houston’s Future, a nonprofit organization working to address matters of highest importance to the long-term future of the greater Houston region. Perlman served for four years as a Commissioner on the Public Utility Commission of Texas, where he was appointed in 1999 by then-Governor George W. Bush.

Anupam Yog


Anupam Yog is a pragmatic urbanist, researcher and creative strategist. Through his research and advocacy on placemaking for healthy cities, he seeks to develop a “Conscious Cities Index”, which explores the connection between community well-being and a city’s urban design. Yog is an avid practitioner of meditation and initiated The Big Sit – an intentional, slow-growing social meditation movement – from Singapore.

Erin Lee

Mindfulness Coach

Erin Lee is Founder and Mindfulness Coach of Mindful Moments Singapore. She is a mindfulness practitioner and advocate of mindfulness as a way of life. It is her personal vision to help more people learn mindfulness and incorporate mindfulness practice into their daily lives to improve their well-being.

Nathalie Hakim

Head of Portfolio, Investment, Grosvenor

Nathalie Hakim is the Head of Portfolio and Investment at Grosvernor.

Nishant Sodhani

Director, Future Cities & New Industries, HSBC Bank

Based in London, Nishant is a Director in the Future Cities and New Industries team led by Prof. Greg Clark As part of the Future Cities and New Industries team, Nishant has been actively involved in developing thought leadership, strategic dialogue and convening of events.

Dinesh Malkani

Founder & CEO, Smarten Spaces

Dinesh Malkani is the Founder and CEO of Smarten Spaces, a leading global SaaS company for the Future of Work and Digital Workplace technologies. He founded the company in 2017 and since then has grown the company to become a market leader doing deployments with Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries.

Juliet Scott-Croxford

President, North America, Bromptom Bicycle

Juliet is the President of North America for Brompton Bicycle. The Brompton was conceived as a product that would increase people’s sense of independence and freedom, with the vision to transform how people live and get around in cities. Formerly, she served as Chief Executive Officer at Worth, where she was responsible for leading its transformation from a print magazine.

Trevor Pawl

Chief Mobility Officer, State of Michigan

Trevor Pawl is the Chief Mobility Officer for the State of Michigan, and leads the Michigan’s Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. In this position, Trevor is responsible for working across state government, academia and private industry to grow Michigan’s mobility ecosystem through strategic policy recommendations and new support services for companies focused on the future of transportation.

Maggie Shannon

Director, Detroit Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Corridor Project, Cavnue

Maggie Shannon is the Director of Cavnue’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Corridor Project in Michigan. The first-of-its kind project requires unique integration of technology and infrastructure design, civil and traffic engineering, policy, community engagement, finance and operations.

James Courtney

Community Engagement Manager, Michigan Central

James Courtney is a Community Engagement Manager for Michigan Central, an innovative mobility district. An urban planner by training and marketer by trade, James is passionate about urbanism, economics, and human behavior. In his current role at Ford Motor Company he supports the company’s efforts in bringing Michigan Central to Detroit.

Chris Overholt

President & CEO, OverActive Media

With more than 25 years of experience in the elite echelons of the sports industry, Chris Overholt now leads Toronto-based OverActive Media Group, one of the most diverse and influential esports organizations globally. Chris played a key role in the marketing, branding, and business strategies for some of North America’s top sports franchises, including: Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, and seven years delivering results for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors. 

Dr. Igor Gilitschenski

Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences, University of Toronto

Dr. Gilitschenski’s work focuses on Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Autonomous Systems. His research involves developing novel robotic perception and decision-making methods for challenging dynamic environments.

Trevor Lui

Chef & Restaurant Owner, Co-Creator, Highbell Group

Trevor has made a life and career surrounded by the sights and sounds of food and drink, spending more than 20 years producing thousands of event experiences as a venue executive. His agency Highbell Group operates restaurants and delivers sensory live events. He’s also the co-founder of Quell – a talent agency focused on delivering strategy and content around sustainable DE&I in the food, drink and lifestyle sector.

Leslie Woo

CEO, CivicAction

Leslie Woo CRE® is a respected leader with over 25 years of experience building sustainable communities and shaping urban development in Canada’s fastest-growing urban region, greater Toronto. Leslie has been the CEO of CivicAction since September 2020.

Jan De Silva

President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade

Jan De Silva is President and CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, one of the largest and most influential business organizations in North America. She is spearheading efforts to make Toronto one of the most competitive and sought-after business regions in the world.

Baher Abdulhai

Director, Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre, and Professor, University of Toronto

Prof. Baher Abdulhai has 33 years of experience in transportation systems engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems. He is the founder and Director of the Toronto ITS Centre and the founder and co-Director of i-City Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems.

Max Meighen

Founder, Avling Kitchen and Brewery

Max is the founder of Avling Kitchen and Brewery where he brings the attention to detail and keen eye for sourcing that he learnt in top-tier kitchens to the world of craft brewing. He’s currently launching a new print magazine, focusing on design, architecture, urbanism and culture through a food and drink lens.

Agatha Podgorski

Director, Communications, Culinary Tourism Alliance

Agatha believes in good food, responsible purchasing practices and the health benefits of a glass of pinot. She works to build lasting relationships between destinations, sector groups, chefs and farmers through education, storytelling and knowledge sharing in the food tourism space in Toronto and beyond.

Kenneth Bailey

Co-Founder and Sector Organizing & Strategy Lead, Design Studio for Social Intervention

Kenneth Bailey is the co-founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention. His interests focus on the research and development of design tools for marginalized communities to address complex social issues.

Brenda Webster Tweel

Senior Associate, Urban Places, Stantec

Brenda Webster Tweel is a champion for urban renewal with solid international experience, Brenda is a senior associate that partners closely with infrastructure, financial, and government teams.

Pablo Lazo Elizondo

Architect, City strategist & Director, World Resource Institute Mexico, Urban Development

Pablo Lazo is the Director of Urban Development and Accessibility for WRI Mexico. He is responsible for defining and implementing the strategy for integrated planning concerning low carbon emissions, resilience, and land use in partnership with other members of the Executive Team

Ashley Mckenzie Barnes

Creative Director, Curator & Founder D.PE Agency

Ashley McKenzie Barnes is an award-winning creative director, curator and academic professor with over 17 years of experience. Recently launching D.PE Agency and DPE Sho Art Foundation, Ashley’s work focuses on how to be more reflective of a diverse creative community.

Devyani Saltzman

Arts Leader, Curator & Consultant

Devyani Saltzman is a Canadian writer, curator and arts leader with a deep practice in relevant, multidisciplinary, programming at the intersection between art, ideas and social change.

Jeremy Goldberg

Worldwide Head of Critical Infrastructure, Microsoft

Jeremy M. Goldberg is the Worldwide Public Sector Director of Critical Infrastructure at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Jeremy served as the Interim-CIO at the State of New York and also the Deputy Secretary for Technology and Innovation where he led the state’s IT organization through the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic

Madeleine Spencer

Leader, Placemaking US

Madeleine Spencer is on the Leadership Team of Placemaking US a group that recently completed a 3-month road to recovery tour visiting 60 cities and placemaking projects across the US. Madeleine is the Founder of Diamond Heart Enterprises Consulting and acts as an Executive Board Member of Community Engagement.

Charlot Schans

Urban sociologist and anthropologist, Director of Placemaking Europe

Charlot Schans is an urban sociologist and anthropologist by training, with years of experience in developing and coordinating international networks, events and projects in the field of urban development and social innovation.

Coralie Winn

Development Lead and Co-Founder, Gap Filler NZ

Coralie Winn is a born organiser, catalyser and communicator. She has fluency in placemaking from both a practical and theoretical point of view. She has been involved in the creation and delivery of many placemaking projects of all sizes and has contributed to the growth of Gap Filler from start-up volunteer organisation to the social enterprise it is today.

Manfred Kühne

Head, Urban Planning and Projects Directorate, Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development

Manfred is the head of the Urban Planning and Projects Directorate at the Senate Department for Urban Development.Member of SRL (Association of town, regional and state planning) and DASL (German Academy for urban and regional planning).

Peter Smith

CEO, City of Port Phillip

Peter has over 25 years of experience working in the public sector at all three levels of Government in Australia where he has held senior management roles in the Federal Government, NSW and SAState Governments and in Local Government in both Adelaide and now at the City of Port Phillip in Melbourne, Victoria. He has also worked as an adjunct professor where he has spent over ten years teaching MBA students strategy and leadership in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Eran Chen

Founder, Owner & Design Director, ODA New York

Eran Chen is the founding principal and design director of ODA. Since establishing the office in 2007 he has become one of the most prolific architects in New York. Chen has gained a reputation for delivering designs that are innovative as well as socially and fiscally responsible.

Sander Dolder

Senior Vice President, New York Economic Development Corporation

Sander Dolder is a Senior Vice President at the New York City Economic Development Corporation where he designs, builds, & leads efforts to expand the NYC economy by catalyzing emerging sectors, developing innovation ecosystems, and forging public-private partnerships. He currently leads the smart and sustainable cities team within EDC’s initiatives department, with a focus on building a 21st-century green economy.

Antonia Carver

Director, Art Jameel

Director of Art Jameel since 2016, Antonia Carver oversees the arts organisation’s work across learning and the arts, plus its new institutions: Jameel Arts Centre (Dubai’s contemporary museum), which opened in November 2018, and Hayy Jameel, Jeddah, a multidisciplinary creative hub, opening winter 2021.

Stephen Hobbs

Urbanist and Art Practitioner

Since 1994, Johannesburg has served as a critical reference point for Hobbs’ artistic and curatorial insights into the apartheid city turned African city, with a particular interest in the impact of defensive urban planning and architecture on the behavioral aspects of city and society.

Sumantro Ghose

Artistic Programming Director, Royal Commission, AlUla

Sumantro Ghose is an Arts Producer, Curator and Cultural Strategist with over 20 years’ experience in museums, festivals, education and cultural diplomacy. He is Artistic Programming Director for the Royal Commission for AlUla, where he is responsible for the creative direction of RCU’s vision for AlUla’s calendar of art exhibitions, festivals, performances and community engagement.

H.E. Sheikha Hala bint Mohammed Al Khalifa of Bahrain

Director of Culture & Arts, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities

Hala Mohammed Al Khalifa is a practicing artist and Director General of the Culture and Arts Directorate at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. In addition to teaching art at the university level over her career, she also held various positions in the arts departments at cultural institutions that carried responsibilities related to exhibitions, publications, museum education and the advancement of the artistic landscape within communities.

Vilma Jurkute

Executive Director, Alserkal

Vilma Jurkute is the Executive Director of Alserkal, overseeing Alserkal Avenue, Alserkal Arts Foundation, and Alserkal Advisory. Her professional and academic experience is centered on placemaking and the development of sustainable, community-centric creative economies with both global and regional impact.

Sabih Ahmed

Director, Ishara Art Foundation

Sabih Ahmed is the Associate Director and Curator at the Ishara Art Foundation in Dubai. His curatorial work and research focus on modern and contemporary art of South Asia through diverse itineraries, languages and inter-disciplinary formations.


Collective co-founded, Liva Duradeva and Eduardo Cassina

METASITU is a collective co-founded by Liva Duradeva and Eduardo Cassina that explores the way we relate to territory across time and disciplines, for a different tomorrow. Their practice is centered around non-hierarchical symbiotic pedagogies that take the form of urbanism residencies, architectural interventions, intentional communities, self-publishing, real estate experiments, and videos.

Adam Wilkinson

Chief of Heritage and Culture, Diriyah Gate Development Co.

Adam joined DGDA in July 2020 and is now Chief, Heritage and Culture, with responsibility for all aspects of cultural heritage within DGDA’s area from understanding the cultural landscape, to managing its precious cultural heritage, to reviving and reflecting on the culture of Diriyah. While working to build capacity within DGDA as relates to our shared heritage and culture, this work has wider benefits supporting Saudi Arabia’s extraordinary culture.

Emily Hake

Project Executive, Google

Emily Hake is a Project Executive at Google in the Real Estate and Workplace Services team managing Google’s northeast Asia portfolio. Using data-driven design methods such as user engagement activities and sensor data, Emily works to provide beautiful, functional spaces where people can perform their very best.

Andrew Snowhite

Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, Snowhite Strategies

Andrew fosters business growth through innovating scalable green and blue initiatives across the built environment, real-estate, and consulting sectors. He shapes material risks into strategic ESG opportunities, scales multistakeholder programs through partnerships, and leverages environmental assets to strengthen brands. Andrew has worked on some of the largest new city projects in the world, including Songdo and NEOM.

Adrian Kuah

Director, Future Office, National University of Singapore

Dr Adrian Kuah is the founding director of the Futures Office, National University of Singapore, an internal foresight think-tank tasked to ask fundamental, first- order questions and uncover hidden assumptions to draw insights about possible and plausible futures of higher education.

Christy Davis

Executive Director, Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University

Christy Davis is the Executive Director of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation at Singapore Management University, where she works as a social innovator.

Howell Williams

Chief Development Officer, Keypath Education

Foremost an educator, Howell is passionate about and invested in transforming students’ lives through education. As Chief Development Officer (AU), she plans, builds and launches online degree programs and divisions with university partners.

Genine Loo

Strategic Planning and Futures, DesignSingapore Council

Genine looks after Strategic Planning and Futures at the DesignSingapore Council. She is leading the council’s inaugural research study on loveable cities as part of its efforts to create a loveable city by design, as envisioned in Singapore’s Design 2025 Masterplan.

Callysta Thony

Smart Cities & Mobility Lead, Eden Strategy Institute

Callysta is the Smart Cities & Mobility Lead at Eden Strategy Institute, where she drives Eden’s work in these two practice areas. Callysta was co-lead investigator for Eden’s biannual Top 50 Smart City Government Rankings (2020/2021) which studied over 230 city governments globally along key parameters such as smart cities’ innovation ecosystem, people-centricity, talent readiness, vision, and financing

Vikrama Dhiman

Head of Mobility Products, Gojek

Vikrama Dhiman brings full-stack product management experience across early-stage startups and public limited companies in mobility, eLearning, online travel, telecom, mobile wallets, e-commerce, domain registration, web hosting, and enterprise products.

Nate Chanchareon

Head of Strategic Planning, Bangkok Mass Transit System Group (BTSG) Holdings PCL

A recognized senior executive and thought leader in mobility with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Future City, New Mobility, Smart Airport, Transport Innovation, MaaS, Sustainability and Social Impact.

Shikha Malhotra

Chief of staff, Shiok Meats

Shikha Malhotra is the Chief of Staff at Shiok Meats, working closely with the Senior Leadership team on growth, strategic alliances, and communications. An Electronics Engineer turned digital marketeer, and a Diversity & Inclusion advocate, she has worked with several multinational organizations and startups on digital innovation and partnership development.

Helen Lam

Global Lead, Urbanisation Practice & Head of Innovation (Asia) Lendlease (Singapore)

Helen’s current role oversees the Lendlease Urbanisation Practices and innovation teams. She is primarily responsible for supporting urban regeneration projects leverage knowledge, network expertise and best practice approach across the regions. She has been sponsor for driving key PropTech programmes and engagements for Asia.

Paul Anslow

VP, Head of Business Transformation, Revantage Asia, A Blackstone Company

Paul currently runs Business Transformation at Revantage Asia, The Blackstone Group’s corporate services affiliate, as well as being the Head of the Singapore Chapter of AsiaProptech in his spare time.

Su Lin Wee

Executive Director, PGIM

Su Lin Wee is an Executive Director and Head of Asset Management for Southeast Asia at PGIM Real Estate, overseeing assets across Singapore, Malaysia and China.Su Lin has almost 20 years of real estate experience, focusing primarily on the asset management and development of retail assets and mixed-use projects

Ben Rawlingson Plant

Deputy Director for Communications and Public Affairs, Guggenheim

As Deputy Director, Global Public Affairs and Communications, Rawlingson Plant provides strategic oversight of and direction to all aspects of Guggenheim global communications. He also guides reputation management and represents the institution globally in support of the Guggenheim Foundation’s initiatives.

Yolande Barnes

Chair, Bartlett Real Estate Institute

Yolande has studied and commented on UK real estate markets for over 30 years and on world cities and global real estate trends for the last 11 years.
Yolande’s particular specialties in the past have been residential markets, regeneration, land, urbanism and mixed-use neighbourhoods.

Jason King

Architect & Parametric Design Lead, IBI Group

Jason King is an architect, urban planner and programmer who leads IBI’s global computational design team. Drawing on two decades of architecture and planning experience, Mr. King possesses a unique skill for crafting algorithmic, evidenced-based solutions for complex urban problems.

Sheila Foster

Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Urban Law and Policy, Georgetown University

Sheila R. Foster is the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Urban Law and Policy at Georgetown University. She holds a joint appointment with the Georgetown Law Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy. During the 2021-2022 academic year, she is serving as the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Law Center.

​​ Guillermo Bernal

Executive Director, Fundacion Placemaking Mexico

Guillermo Bernal is the Director of Fundación Placemaking México, a Mexican nonprofit organization that conducts community outreach programs in public spaces that create more strong and sustainable communities.Guillermo has conducted more than 100 public spaces in Mexico with Placemaking México. He has a master’s of science degree in urban studies from the Free University of Brussels.

Katrina Tan

Associate Director, Futures Office, National University of Singapore

Katrina Tan is the Associate Director for the Futures Office at the National University of Singapore. Her Specialties include Government, intellectual property, policymaking, facilitation, DISC, education, teaching, geography, literature, and curriculum.



Domingo Morales is the founder of Compost Power, GCF Alumnus, and our Compost Consultant. Domingo discovered his passion for farming and composting as a member of Cohort 10 in 2015.

Dr. Non A

Senior Expert, Smart City Promotion Department, Digital Economy Promotion Agency Thailand

Dr Non A is an architect, urban designer, and smart city research and development specialist. He serves as a senior expert in smart city promotion at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency of Thailand, where he advocates the concept and practice of smart cities and implements apt technological solutions to enhance citizens’ livelihoods. His main professional specialization is the use of human-centered design to solve pressing open-ended problems, ranging from large-scale and policy-oriented to everyday pain-points of the urban population.

Philip Heah

CEO, Credence Lab

Philip Heah founded Credence Lab in Jan 2021 and launched the Credence Data Trust Rating System that has been developed through a consortium of industry players spanning across the entire value chain of a certification journey, across various geographies and across multiple disciplines. Credence Data Trust Rating System is a global first open and decentralised data trust rating system that is end-to-end, measuring from compliance to relevant legislations to data security and accountability measures such as policies to implementation via processes/procedures put in by enterprises to their communication with their customers and facilitation of customers’ data rights.

Calvin Chu Yee Ming

Managing Partner, Eden Strategy Institute

Calvin Chu Yee Ming is Managing Partner of Eden Strategy Institute, an award-winning strategy consulting firm that specializes in social innovation. Eden catalyses smart cities that are more sustainable, inclusive, resilient, and loveable, and over the past decade has helped mayors and governors in Asia co-create sustainable value propositions, develop strategic roadmaps, and assess the impact of their interventions.

Jeff Harris

National Leader, Sport Business Advisory at Deloitte Canada

During his time at Deloitte, Jeff has worked with professional sport leagues, players’ association, professional teams, national Olympic committee, national sport organizations, sport technology companies, government, and lotteries on projects that include growth strategy, sport betting, esports, digital, revenue diversification and customer engagement. Jeff is also an author of Deloitte Canada’s report on gaming/esports and sport betting reform respectively.

Brenner Adams

Founder, The GIVE Academy

Adam Brenner is the founder of The GIVE Academy, a group of Global Impact Venture Entrepreneurs who believe that creating and scaling businesses all over the world, can actually change the world. They focus on all 4 stages of business development; Study, Start, Ship & Scale.

Wulfran Gaucherot

Head of Corporate Relations, Euroméditerranée

Wulfran Gaucherot is Head of Corporate Relations at Euroméditerranée. For the past 25 years, Euroméditerranée has been designing, developing and building the sustainable Mediterranean city of tomorrow, right in the heart of France 2nd metropolis: Marseille.

François Orcil

CEO & Manager of Transition, Cité Gestion the Subsidiary of Citelum (EDF Group)

François Orcil is CEO and Manager of the transition at Cité Gestion the Subsidiary of Citelum (EDF Group), CITEGESTION is the software publisher of MUSE®, the Smart City digital platform specialized on urban equipment management.

Matthieu Vis

Head of International & Strategy, Provence Promotion

Matthieu Vis holds the position of Head of International & Strategy at Provence Promotion. Under the Invest in Provence program, he has been instrumental in uniting economic public and private stakeholders to support international outreach efforts by the Marseille-Provence area. In particular, he is responsible for developing high-level spheres of influence, and he coordinates a network of communities and ambassadors – Massilia Mundi – that promotes Provence internationally.

Álvaro García Resta

Secretary of Urban Development, City of Buenos Aires

Álvaro, Urban Planner and Architect, is Secretary of Urban Development of the City of Buenos Aires.Leader for innovation in sustainable urban development (School of Design, Harvard University), permanent member of the Jury of the School of Architecture (University of Illinois) and visitor fellow of the Latin American Observatory (The New School).

Fernando Straface

Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs, City of Buenos Aires

Fernando is the Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires. He is one of the founders and former Executive Director (2010-2016) of CIPPEC, the top think tank in Argentina and widely recognized in Latin America. His areas of expertise include good governance, public sector reform and civil society. He has 20 years of experience that combine both regional and international positions with a committed activity in the Argentine public policy field.

Emiliano Espasandín

Architect & Founding Partner, PALO Architecture.

Emiliano is an architect and urban planner and the Founding partner of the international architecture and urban design firm PALO Architecture. He is passionate about cities and dedicates part of his time to studying the development and future of public space in urban centers. He has worked on national and international projects in the Americas and Europe focused on smart cities, mobility, and public space. In 2021, Emiliano founded UIO Urban Innovation Office, an architecture, urban design consulting, innovation and technology firm based in Boise, Idaho.

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