Featured Experiences at WRLDCTY 2020

In a time where real-world travel was not possible, WRLDCTY empowered people to go virtually everywhere: they were able to enjoy yoga at Santa Monica Pier, magic in Hong Kong, burlesque in Brooklyn, travel photography in Mexico City and dozens of exciting experiences with some of the world’s most exciting content creators, artists, and performers.

Embark on a Restorative Journey in Hong Kong's Great Outdoors

Immerse yourself in the astonishing natural splendours of the city and uncover its lush greenery, ravishing peaks, and endless blue seas with gong bath master Martha Collard (Red Doors Studio) and the acclaimed Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Don’t miss a sensational audio-visual virtual experience that combines the restorative benefits of a meditative gong sound bath and the invigorating sound therapy properties of classical music with the unparalleled sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s great and unexpected outdoors.

Get the Beat with Anna Bjurstam's Meditation Drumming

Wellness pioneer Anna Bjurstam provides a meditation drumming session from her hometown of Stockholm.

Party the Planet with Exclusive DJ Sets

Selina, the global hospitality group for digital nomads, takes over our experience stage live from the world’s best cities for a series of DJ sets.

Wander through West Kowloon's Art and Culture

Introducing the world’s biggest cultural district project: West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD). Find out what’s on and what’s coming soon with a behind-the-scenes look at this prime 40-hectare site on Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour. The WKCD will house treasures of the Forbidden City, world-class collections of visual culture, Chinese opera, musical extravaganzas and open-air festivals. Don’t miss this sneak peek at a visionary project that is set to change the face of the Asian arts and culture sector.

Brush Up on Tulsa's Century-Long Fight Against Racism

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s rich history, unknown to many, is filled with both triumph and tragedy. Be sure to catch the emotional story of Tulsa’s Race Massacre, culminating with its centennial commemoration in 2021, and how the city is now rising on an international stage with a thriving cultural scene. Now more than ever before, Tulsa’s story is being told and inspiring cities all over the world in the global conversation on racism.

Stop Everything with a Global Meditation Journey

In a world that never stops, where external noise rages on and internal voices are amplified, what better way to carry on than to create a space for us all to simply sit and rest in moments of stillness and silence? Across global cities, social meditation spaces beckon. Get inspired on making use of public and private spaces for practicing mindfulness and fostering good mental health. Wherever you may be watching WRLDCTY on Oct. 24, we invite you to join us for a global Big Sit, streamed from the beautiful Urban Park @ Guoco Tower.

See Graffiti as Art

Explore Toronto’s street art from the perspective of a local graffiti artist. Learn about the evolution of the art form, the lexicon, and the cultural significance found in these living canvasses.

Sharpen your Cityscape Shot

Improve your travel stories. Discover how to take the perfect cityscape shot with tips and tricks to shooting urban landscapes on your phone, with Toronto, Canada’s largest city, as the subject and the inspiration.

Seed an Uban Farm with Brooklyn Grange

Discover all there is to know about urban farming from Brooklyn Grange Co-founder Anastasia Cole Plakias. Anastasia walks you through Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest rooftop soil farmland and leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the U.S. She shares her tips on urban farming and answers any questions you may have live.

Unlock an Acclaimed Chef's Best-Kept Secrets

Susan Feniger takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of her award-winning restaurant Socalo and shares her best recipes and secrets with you on a gastronomic journey you won’t forget.

Namaste your Day with Manhattan Beach's Justin Randolph

Join seasoned yoga teacher and Reiki Master Justin Randolph for an any-level yoga class from his Manhattan Beach Studio.

Up Your Insta Travel Game with Pia Riverola

Travel photographer Pia Riverola hosts a live, interactive travel photography masterclass where she shares her tips and techniques through a virtual photo exhibition of her best work in Japan and Mexico.

Savor Cape Town’s Wines from Township to Terroir

Escape to one of the planet’s premier growing regions—Cape Town, South Africa!—in this high-end sensory immersion. Discover exclusive recipes from Cape Town’s renowned chefs and wine pairing principles from the city’s sommeliers in an exclusive journey into the Cape Town terroir that’s coveted by wine and food lovers all over the world.

Be Mesmerized by the Power of Dim Sum

Four personalities find inspiration in and through dim sum, be it redefining the way it’s made (Nicolas Elalouf, Man Mo Dim Sum); bringing traditional Chinese medicine into the fold (Larry Tang, Sohofama); crafting tricks (Louis Yan), or learning the craft to burn the midnight wick (Xavier tsang, BeCandle).

Opera in the Air with Burlesque Star Marcy Richardson

An exclusive musical and acrobatic performance with a behind-the-scenes look at Bushwick, one of Brooklyn’s most avant-garde neighborhoods for street art and burlesque. Hear her story and experience the thrill of marrying aerial arts, acrobatic pole movement, and live classical singing in a performance by burlesque star and NYC nightlife staple Marcy Richardson.

Demystify the Mystic with Austin's Be Where How?

Using nature visuals, astrophotography, meditative soundscapes, and guided voiceover, “An Experience of Being Awareness” is a visual meditation experience through layers of thought patterns.

Get Spin-Savvy with DJ Masha

Learn the art of DJing with L.A.-based touring DJ Masha as she breaks down the basics of using CDJs, the current industry standard, to mix two songs, as well as sharing where to look for new music and providing an overview of her experience in the electronic music industry.

Learn the Secret of Tampa's Cigar Makers

Take a trip to the historic Latin Quarter of Tampa Bay. Experience how one small neighborhood became the Cigar Capital of the World! Along the way, pay a visit to The Columbia Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Florida, and learn how to build the original Cuban Sandwich. Then, get a personal lesson on hand-rolled cigar making from the oldest family-owned cigar factory, J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

Inspire Your Inner Hitmaker with Songwriter Mélat

When it comes to creating art, Mélat is a firm believer that there is no “set in stone” way of creating it. However, there are basic tools and practices that can be used to help forge your own unique style of writing and creating. Join her in this interactive class where Mélat guides you through song writing, from the ideation phase all the way to something you can jam, love, and keep with you forever.

Tea Time with a Music Traveler

Victor Kiswell, one of the minds behind Radiooooo.com will present 5 of his best cities through a choice of soundtracks discovered in travels: Mumbai (India), Istanbul (Turkey), Barranquilla (Colombia), Beyrouth (Lebanon) and Barcelone (Spain). We’ll dive deep into Victor’s record collection and will get an introduction to Barcelona’s streets. Ready to start this journey through a record collector’s music & mind?

Discover Pan-Latin Cuisine with Chef Ivy Stark

If there is an Iron Throne for one of the most thoughtful chefs in New York City, Ivy Stark has a claim to it. After perfecting her craft at Dos Caminos and Rosa Mexicano, she has joined Time Out Market New York—a cuisine, cocktail and cultural destination curated by the editors of Time Out. In this session, Ivy will walk you through some of her new inventive recipes utilizing whole, unprocessed foods that you can experience in the Market or, now, at home.

Explore Portugal through its Cuisine with Marlene Vieira

Time Out Market Lisboa’s Chef Marlene Viera has roots in the north of Portugal, a strong grasp of traditional cuisine and a flair for reinventing Portuguese food. Sharpening her knives at upmarket restaurants, she makes rustic dishes elegant, to the delight of both people raised on local dishes and those having their first taste of Iberian cooking. In this tutorial she makes her favorite date night dish: cockle and rice.

HKSTP: Where Innovation Meets the Future

Discover the nature of Hong Kong’s dynamic and vibrant Innovation & Technology ecosystem, where expertise, pioneering spirits, and ambition pave the way to solve real-world problems. An introduction to the city’s largest R&D flagship and the driving force at the heart of the ecosystem—the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). A journey into the people, culture and success of Asia’s thriving technological community.

Work Smart, Live Smart, Play Smart: The Path of Digital Transformation

Depicting the digital tech entrepreneurship culture in Hong Kong, we zoom into Cyberport, the city’s digital tech hub, and visit the start-up community focusing on three main technology areas of FinTech, Smart Living, and Digital Entertainment and Esports. Discover how Cyberport’s innovative thinking and state-of-the-art infrastructure is supporting startups to adapt to challenges and transform the digital economy.

Tiptoe into Choreography with the Hong Kong Ballet

Hong Kong Ballet teamed up with UK-based award-winning choreographer Corey Baker to produce this one-of-kind performance, taking audiences from serene marshlands on the outskirts of the city to a green oasis atop skyscrapers in the heart of the city, all in Hong Kong. The music was composed by acclaimed multi-instrumentalist FKJ, creating a truly memorable performance.

A Taste of Hong Kong to Take Home

Dive into the world-renowned flavours of Hong Kong in a series of immersive cooking experiences! Join Michelin-starred chefs Shane Osborn (Arcane) and Mak Kwai-pui (Tim Ho Wan) as they guide you through the best of the city’s East-meets-West culinary history. With step-by-step guides to creating your own taste of Hong Kong to take home, follow along as the chefs shine a spotlight on how to create stunning Hong Kong-inspired dishes with the humblest of all ingredients: the egg. And for that perfect 5 o’clock feeling, reward yourself by shaking up a simple but special tea cocktail or two with celebrated mixologist Victoria Chow (The Woods).

Poetry and Tea

Words that denounce, rhythms that soothe, and images that dare. Teatime has never been so infused with raw emotion as when twelve good friends of Phi take up the challenge of showing themselves in a new light. How? By reciting their favourite poem, allowing us, at the same time, to discover poetic voices. Peaches, Pierre Kwenders, Jessica Brillhart, Miles Greenberg, Narcy et Casey Spooner explore uncensored the interplay between rhymes and sounds, sharing with us a moment of quiet introspection, an experience created by Phi.

Body by Broadway

Dharon Jones, who plays Riff in West Side Story on the Great White Way takes you through his warm-up routine that is perfect for professional dancers and those who only hit the floor at weddings alike. Stretch and get your blood flowing as the performer brings you through his pre-show warm-up and then flaunts his favorite moves. Since Broadway is on pause until June 2021, Jones, a Brooklyn-native went down to the Time Out Market on the Brooklyn waterfront to do his workout in front of some of the most picturesque parts of NYC—talk about body art.

Stillness in the Heart of the City

Discover unexpected bliss and serendipity amidst Malaysia’s bustling capital city, Kuala Lumpur

Experience Hong Kong’s Bountiful Nature with Classical Music

Join the acclaimed Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on a virtual tour of Hong Kong’s breathtaking hinterlands, accompanied by the invigorating sound therapy properties of classical music. Presenting an extraordinary side of Hong Kong rarely seen by outsiders, take in a performance of a lifetime with the award-winning musicians as they take music-making to new heights, supported by the natural sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

PichiAvo REMIX: Paint the Town On an Immersive Mural Tour

MURAL joined forces with MAPP MTL, calling on Baillat Studio in the creation and execution of this major flagship technological project, bringing the PichiAvo’s mural (made in 2019) to life at dusk for two months through a grandiose digital spectacle. Such a project could not see the light of day without this structuring network between cultural and artistic organizations, artists and creative entrepreneurs in the digital industry. This project was made possible thanks to the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal et l’Entente Réflexe Montréal concluded between the City of Montréal and the gouvernement du Québec.