Fighting the Loneliness Pandemic Via Public Spaces - WRLDCTY
Fighting the Loneliness Pandemic Via Public Spaces
Dr. Hila Oren
WRLDCTY 2023: New York

Hila Oren believes that the DNA of a city stems from its public spaces. Have we been designing and stewarding these spaces in ways that make cities flourish? Or have old habits held us back?

About The Speakers
Dr. Hila Oren
CEO, Tel Aviv Foundation

Dr. Hila Oren has been the CEO of The Tel Aviv Foundation since 2016.Previously Oren founded and served as CEO of Tel Aviv Global. Tel Aviv Global is an initiative started by the Mayor’s Office of Tel Aviv-Yafo dedicated to elevating the city’s brand and global positioning. In 2010, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality undertook a municipal-national initiative designed to position Tel Aviv as a global city – a leading international business center that specializes in innovation. During her term, the Startup City vision was formed: a municipal strategic plan for investors, entrepreneurs, tourists and students, connecting a city platform with a private initiative. As a result, Tel Aviv-Yafo was awarded the title ‘Best Smart City in the World’ in 2014.

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