(Re)designing Cities for People - WRLDCTY
(Re)designing Cities for People
Helle Søholt
WRLDCTY 2022: New York

The rise of modernism and motor-ism has created technocratic, soulless cities which make cars and developers happy, but have no concern for people living in and using them. How can we improve the quality of urban life by reorienting the city’s design toward pedestrians, public life, and cyclists?

About The Speakers
Helle Søholt
Founding Partner & CEO, Gehl

Helle is Founding Partner and CEO of Gehl. She started the company with Professor Jan Gehl in 2000. Through her leadership, strategic and organizational talent, the office has developed a knowledge base and experience portfolio that is respected internationally in the field of urban design and urban development. Over the years of its existence, Gehl has been awarded multiple prizes and recognitions for their contribution to making cities more livable and sustainable around the world.

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