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What’s Next for World Cities
Chris Fair & Greg Clark
WRLDCTY 2022: World

The idea of a World City is that it is a super-concentration of globalized activities, services, connections, and people. Consequently, these cities generally grew faster than less globally connected places, and saw significant investment and rapid development in their real estate, amenities, public spaces, and infrastructures. But even prior to the pandemic, there was already concern that World Cities were facing increasing sustainability challenges in housing supply, affordability, air quality, and inequality. The pandemic revealed the depth of some of these challenges and accelerated other imperatives for change. So, what’s next for World Cities? Will they emerge more robust and more capable, or will we see their magnetic power diluted?

About The Speakers
Chris Fair
President, Resonance Consultancy

A futurist, facilitator and strategist, Chris holds a Masters degree in Studies of the Future and has married his tourism, economic development, real estate and marketing expertise with futures methodologies to create development strategies that shape the future of places around the world.

Greg Clark
Global Head, Future Cities & New industries, HSBC Group

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